Have you heard of Prima Weight Loss? Called the sun complex by the manufacturer, the capsules have a triple active complex that is supposed to really get to the bottom of those unloved love handles. Thanks to taking the preparation, it is therefore not necessary to get the body back into shape with the help of a diet. Not only are satiety and metabolism improved by the high-dose active ingredients, but the body is also put into summer mode. In our article we will explain exactly what that means and many other questions about the Prima Weight Loss. Various vitamins, minerals and nutrients within the Prima Weight Loss capsules are designed to effectively support the body during the weight loss process. Taking the dietary supplement should also put the body into summer mode. As is well known, the body cannot produce the vitamin D contained in the capsules itself, but depends on it being supplied to the organism. The body is able to produce vitamin D primarily through the sun's rays. However, since these are often absent, especially in the darker months, taking Prima Weight Loss should provide the body with sufficient vitamin D. In this way, other processes and functions could be supported that not only promote weight reduction, but also improve one's own well-being. However, the summer mode is only one of three modes of action that Prima Weight Loss is said to have on the body. The preparation also has a lasting effect on saturation and fat metabolism, so that the user can eat far less food and, in the next step, burn the hated love handles more easily, while typical symptoms of weight loss, such as cravings, are almost non-existent. Accordingly, Prima Weight Loss  can be seen as a holistic slimming product that programs the body to lose weight due to the combination of active ingredients it contains. 

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