Your aims your objectives your literature review it's being justified in Figure 1 you've got the structure and you know you're talking about the key areas because you've superimposed different journal papers and you've identified the relevant areas from that you develop questions which are being identified in your methodology online masters thesis writing help via the table now you're finding section is very important because it will identify themes and what many students do is the distributed questionnaire they get the responses back from the organization and then their findings section is nothing better than a regurgitation of that data, for example, question 1 response was and your students do a nice pie chart 70%.

The responses said this 30% of the responses said X of the opposite and they systematically go through each question a cure for insomnia and also a mechanism not to demonstrate your analysis so this is where I suggest you look at the feedback from the question and what you've got is you've got various responses water suggests that you do you identify themes so for example theme one could consist of answers one three five and six theme two you've posted the responses in a 2 for 11 and 15 and so on and what this shows the phd thesis help uk Assessors is that you have the ability to look at raw data and clustered into key themes so what you'll do is you'll create a diagram or better still you'll have a diagram where you've got your table you've got the raw responses and then you have clustered them into key themes now when you come to write it up you've got specific sections or specific paragraphs.

Addressing each of these themes gone through your findings section however what students also fail to do is they will talk about the findings but they will not link it to the literature review so what you've got to do as you work through each of these sections systematically through your findings section you need to make reference to your literature review you're not repeating your literature review but what you're doing is for example thing one the data supports the commentary of and you link it back to a researcher which is referencing your literature review theme - maybe the did is very interesting this further supports or casts doubt or raises a question mark about what's being said in the literature you are demonstrating that you have the ability of analysis and application within that the next section your conclusion section.