It seems like only yesterday when sage green was deemed the best new neutral for interior design. Now we both feel the same way about sage green bridesmaid gowns! Additionally, for similar reasons. Sage is a pleasing hue that can be used as a neutral for all intents and purposes. It permits either a robust or a delicate bouquet. It functions equally well with metallic, black, and white accents as it does with colour pops.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses lend themselves to a satiny silhouette, but we've curated a variety of ensembles that are ideal for complementing or mixing. And if you do want to mix, be sure to peruse our compilations of the greatest bridesmaid dresses by hue.

If you are planning a wedding or rescheduling a previously postponed event, congratulations! After selecting the venue and your own dress, you may be searching for an internet retailer of bridesmaid attire. Here, we submit the following question: have you considered sage green bridesmaid gowns for your closest female friends?

Sage green was the most popular colour for bridesmaid dresses in 2021, according to Goddiva's most recent trend analysis. Last year, the online merchant sold more than 1.5 million wedding and bridesmaid outfits! As our calendars continue to fill up with more weddings, you can expect to see more of this calming hue in the coming months. Black bridesmaid dresses are undeniably timeless and perfect for winter weddings, but a lighter hue appears more appropriate for summer ceremonies.

We've got you covered if you're unfamiliar with the subtleties of your herb garden's hues. Sage is slightly darker than spearmint and possesses distinct grey undertones. Not quite as dark as khaki, sage is stylish and timeless, but also unique enough to give your wedding party a sense of individuality. Additionally, it looks lovely on all skin tones. Sage is a fantastically versatile option, especially as the trend continues for brides to select a single hue and then allow their attendants to choose their own dresses (rather than selecting a single silhouette and requiring everyone to conform to the bride's vision).

So, out of all the sage green bridesmaid dresses, one should you choose? We adore the hippie feel of the chiffon tiered dress from Phase Eight; it's ideal for a country-style mini-wedding. Lavish one-shoulder or puff-sleeve tulle maxi dresses are adored by women with curvy figures. Dreamy. Looking for a bit more sparkle? The sleeves of the maxi dress are embellished with sequins, and the bows on the short dark sage velvet dress are covered with crystals. Add heels and a pretty bouquet, and you're all set.

Now, about the hen weekend...

For your bridal party, we have compiled a list of the top sage green bridesmaid gowns.

Goddiva Bardot Maxi Dress of Chiffon with Belt

This lovely chiffon maxi dress is an excellent option for any group of bridesmaids. This dress's traditional chiffon floor-length skirt and charming Bardot neckline provide a touch of elegance. The breathtaking waterfall motif on the front and the diamante belt provide a modest touch of shine. The dress might also be worn as a wedding guest; just make sure that the bride hasn't already purchased them for her squad.

Sleeve Goddiva Wrap-Back Chiffon Midi Blouse

This adorable silky chiffon dress has a lovely boho style and is a perfect option for bridesmaids at weddings with a low-key vibe. This dress features a soft and flowy form, a wrap-style V-neckline, and long sleeves, making it ideal for outdoor ceremonies held in the sun.

Goddiva Spaghetti Strap Cowl Back Maxi Dress

This lovely basic maxi dress demonstrates that it is possible to be glamorous without the addition of sequins and sparkles. The ornate cowl back gives this dress an edge above other maxi dresses and makes it an ideal choice for bridesmaids.

Goddiva Scuba Crepe Maxi Dress with Back Bow Tie

The front of this exquisitely unusual maxi dress is composed of scuba crepe, while the back features a bow-tie. Have your bridesmaids flaunt this one-of-a-kind, yet stunning style that will make every member of your bridal party look and feel incredible.

Goddiva Chiffon Cowl Collar Maxi Dress

This stunning maxi dress inspired by Greek goddesses will give any wedding a heavenly, romantic air. The exquisite cowl neckline adds something new and exciting to an already magnificent dress; when combined with the garment's delicate chiffon material, it is evident that this dress is a winner in every way. The ideal bridesmaid dress to keep and wear for any formal occasion.


Sage green bridesmaid dress is a stunning colour for your bridesmaid. It is ideal for forthcoming spring and summer weddings because to its combination of natural beauty and sophisticated elegance. By including sage green into your colour scheme, you may give your wedding a swooningly romantic air.

With Goddiva's solutions, your bridesmaids will look and feel fantastic without requiring anyone to refinance their home.