We may all use disinfectant wipes in our lives, but we don't seem to know the correct way to use it. Let's take a look at its applicable scenarios and usage methods!




  1. After eating and going to the toilet, you can directly wipe your hands with sanitary wipes for cleaning.


  1. For those who love cleanliness, they can wipe and disinfect public items such as steering wheels, door handles, desks, etc. with wet wipes.


  1. If there are accidents such as falls or scratches when going out, you can wipe the wound around the wound with a wet towel for preliminary disinfection to prevent secondary infection.


  1. In summer, the weather is hot and easy to sweat. You can also use wet wipes to wipe the underarms and other places to remove odor.


  1. When the shoes are covered with too much dust, gently wipe the dust off with a damp paper towel. Can achieve very good cleaning effect.


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