"Maintaining an enjoyable and Lost Ark Gold fair playing experience for players is a top priority for the staff," according to a statement made by the game's developers today. "While we plan to make an impact on the game with this ban but we also know there is more work to be accomplished and would like players to understand that this is just one aspect of what is going to be a continuous and ongoing process.

In the coming months, we'll continue to work towards identifying and eliminating cheating, botting, and other negative behavior from Lost Ark at scale, that includes improving our anti-cheat tools as well as improving the methods for identifying bots, and rolling out more ban waves as often as necessary."

The Lost Ark team also acknowledged that "it could be that a tiny percentage of players might be mistakenly classified in the wrong way as bots." Anyone who thinks they were caught up in the"million-bot" wave, even though they are a legitimate participant may appeal the ban using an Amazon Games support ticket.

Lost Ark Bans Over 1 Million Accounts Since Lost Ark launched in North America in the month of March and has proven to be hugely played. However, the game's huge success and huge number of players has led to more than some cheaters and bots, but the team behind the game has been working on cleaning the mess.

Lost Ark has been around in Lost Ark Gold for sale a few areas of the globe for many years, and it is likely that it has enabled the developers behind the game to learn how to tackle certain issues whenever they come up. The most prominent issue appears to be bots being used by players in order to gain certain advantages over other players. In addition, these bots are able to allow their users to accumulate experience points and loot while they're not at their keyboards.