About semiconductor car refrigerators, also known as car electronic refrigerators and compressor refrigerators

    There are differences in the way of cooling. There are differences in cooling volume, price, and cooling effect. Here is an experiment to test the effect of 12V DC in the vehicle environment.

    Test conditions: outdoor temperature 30-35 degrees, sunny day, air conditioning in the car 22 degrees, automatic wind speed, no second row, and trunk air outlet. The car refrigerator is next to the 12v cigarette lighter in the trunk. The body feeling inside the car is about 26 degrees +, and the cooling temperature is set to -5 degrees.

    Refrigeration effect: The trunk environment is closed and there is no air conditioner in the car to cool down. It can be cooled to 11 degrees in 1.5h, and the stable refrigeration is about 7-9 degrees. The trunk environment is open and feels hot, and the drinks taken out at this time are only slightly cool. Next time you are ready to test it, put it in the second-row passenger compartment to cool it down.

    Thermal insulation effect: The temperature will rise to 20-23 degrees after being placed in the car for about half an hour after the power is turned off, and the thermal insulation effect is general.

    Refrigeration noise: You can't hear it in the car at all, and the ambient noise of the vehicle is much greater than the noise of the refrigerator.

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