It's no longer a secret that the intercom is not just a boring panel with numbers, which we are used to seeing in the entrances of apartment buildings, but a huge system with a variety of functions and features.

Installing video surveillance allows you to monitor the territory of the house in real time. What do you agree is very convenient, especially if at the moment the area is empty.

More comfortable than buttons or touch?

The fashion for touch screens has taken over the market: smartphones, tablets, laptops and even televisions.

For this reason, many customers take touchscreen intercoms without hesitation. There are now 3 main types of intercoms on the market:

- Buttons only (touch screen or mechanical)

- Touch screen + buttons

- Only touch screen

The last option is the best, because it is very easy to operate such a device thanks to the touch screen.

Remember that a video intercom is a thing that you will have to use all the time and it should be convenient for you.

Video surveillance system - a worthwhile investment in security and comfort!

               Intercom - provide access control!

              Video Surveillance - will ensure the monitoring of the object 24/7!

              Security system - will help with the response!

There is an intercom with camera that solves these three tasks at once.