Outdoor LED floodlights can achieve a variety of functions but are generally used for the lighting of gardens, terraces, transit areas, or pools, as well as the lighting of exterior walls, billboards, sports fields, etc.

    To protect against severe weather, exposure to water, or changes in temperature, the IP protection index is one of the most important numbers when choosing an outdoor LED floodlight. For these cases, IP65 and IP66 indices are recommended, as they ensure the best protection against dust or rain. But there is a higher indicator: IP67 and IP68, which are the highest degree of protection. A floodlight with this index can even be submerged in water; for a floodlight rated IP67, it should be able to withstand at least 30 minutes of submersion in one meter of water, although it is always the manufacturer who confirms these numbers exactly.

    Although the pattern of outdoor lighting is not as good as that of indoor lighting (for example, the size of the room indicates the number of light spots), the end of the illuminated area must also be considered. This is where personal taste or exact needs (e.g. color and temperature of light) come into play. These are the two tones that can be selected:

    Monochrome: Without a doubt, the most common. Depending on where they are installed, you can choose from warm white, neutral white, or cool white.

    RGB: The use of LEDs opens up a range of options for choosing different colored lights. With RGB LED floodlights, you can choose between three primary colors (red, green, or blue), which are responsible for generating additional hues such as orange, pink, purple, yellow, cyan, and white.

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