The Internet is an evergreen technology! In the earlier days, we had internet accessibility only on a few devices. But the scenario is exactly the opposite now. The Internet is available on most gadgets like mobile phones, televisions, computers, laptops, smart watches, etc. 


Internet Of Things And Smart Homes

IoT devices are a combination of hardware & software that help in promoting automation in various fields. These devices play a fundamental role in building Smart Homes. In such automated homes, the inmates can control the home appliances from anywhere using the internet.


Smart TVs, Smart Lights, Smart Speakers, Smart Security Cams, Smart Locks, and Smart Thermostats are some examples of IoT devices in a Smart Home.


Sounds SMART,’ doesn't it?


Can Blockchain Improve Smart Homes?

Smart home builders consider blockchain technology as a game-changer in home automation. They must be right about it because it has the potential to overcome the security challenges in IoT technology. Blockchain enhances data security and cuts off the risk of hacking.

The owner of the smart home will receive a private key. Then, the user can access each smart device's data through their smartphones with the help of blockchain.

There is more…!

When blockchain combines with IoT, it will produce the following benefits.


  • Immutable data storage
  • Ensured data security
  • Data Integrity
  • No intermediaries
  • Better trust and transparency


Top Benefits Of Adding Blockchain To Smart Homes

  • Automation

Of course, IoT devices will require regular checks and maintenance. Under such circumstances, Smart contract development services  will help to perform automated background checks regularly. There is no need for an extra workforce, so we can save money and eliminate human errors. 


  • Message Alerts 

A smartphone or a tablet is a medium that the owner will use to communicate with IoT devices. Whenever there is an emergency, the user will receive a pop-up notification. All these alerts will be sent automatically once the smart contract gets executed. 


  • User-friendly dashboard

As IoT devices are mostly 24/7 working, they might cause problems like leakage, noise, or similar faults. During that time, smart contracts will claim insurance automatically and make payments securely. 


  • Safer data transmissions

Due to the elimination of third parties, every data transmission will happen in a peer-to-peer manner. 


Take A Step Further!

We have evolved from Smart Watches to Smart homes now! These advanced technologies are going to be vital ones in the future. Make your enterprise future-ready with the integration of blockchain technology. Get help from a professional Enterprise blockchain development company to obtain custom services.