Water systems throughout the world are now being threatened by many contaminants that pose a wide range of dangers to households. Since water is used for bathing, washing, dishes, cooking, and drinking,

the contaminants can quickly affect people's health. Due to the rise in water pollutants, the water purifier market also formed. And now, industry is quite congested with all the different systems available. These systems work in other ways but towards one purpose: ensuring your safety from contaminated water.

Different Methods

  1. Distillation

The oldest water purifier system is distillation, which simply heats the water up to boiling point to be able to kill any bacteria in it. Numerous about distillation is it is simple but very efficient, which explains why it is commonly utilized in homes and for commercial use. The bad thing about it is so it uses lots of water and energy.

  1. Ion exchange

Ion exchange is really a water treatment system where in resin material in the shape of beads is added to water to cleanse the water's ions. This really is an effective means of clearing out unwanted ions from water, but is not too effective against a wide range of possible contaminants. This is the reason ion exchange systems in many cases are used only as pre-filter and is usually accompanied by another more thorough purification process.