The time is approaching day by day. Every time Bai Xuanyi inputs immortal Qi for Mofei Yang, he can feel more and more strongly that Mofei Yang's physical strength is surging. What is your mission? Bai Xuanyi asked more than once. At first, General Manager Mofei Yang did not answer. He always drinks by himself or sits cross-legged. He is like a bottomless black pool, in which countless organs and secrets are buried. Then one day, he relented. He was always moody, and sometimes spoke more and sometimes less. That day he said to Bai Xuanyi in a sarcastic tone, "My mission is to make this world perish, and evil spirits are respected. I want to bring about a bloody storm and make people suffer." Bai Xuanyi didn't believe it, but he was afraid. Could it be that Yang's expression was too serious, and he didn't seem to boast or laugh at all. She asked him, "How can you be so capable on your own?" Mofei Yang sighed and smiled and said, "Me?"? I really don't have such ability. I said, I just bring disaster, I am a stepping stone, a stepping stone, this is the value of my existence, is the reason for my resurrection. Behind him, there is a larger force. Bai Xuanyi shuddered and whispered,Agate Slabs Countertops, "How can I convince you and move you?" It's like talking to myself, sighing between my lips and teeth. Mofei Yang laughed even more insolently. "Convince me what?"? Persuade me to give up my mission, or persuade me to return Tang Feng's soul to you? Text Wedge (9) Ziyuge Novel Net Updated: June 8, 2010 9:25:25 Words in this chapter: 717 Bai Xuanyi was stunned and could not answer. She knew that the pure Yin seal soul had failed, Tang Feng's soul and body separated for too long, even if she could retrieve his soul, but did not see to revive him. What is she holding on to? Is it just to see him in a dream,Porcelain Marble Slabs, to drink three cups with her, so close, but so far away, to continue this hopeless lovesickness? She's a moth. Again and again, throw yourself into the flames. She loves him. She just a few hundred years of life, fell in love with, only such a person Tang Feng. But what about him? He is her little Lord. Keep saying, clear and crisp, but it happens to be this name, a prophecy, their relationship is limited to him to her, only the feelings of master and servant, only the friendship of friends. Nothing else. When he was in a trance, Calacatta Nano Glass ,white marble slabs, Bai Xuanyi suddenly felt the back of his hand warm. Seeing Mo Feiyang close to him, he looked down at her, shook her hand, and asked her in an astringent tone: "Can you forget Tang Feng, you and me, we stay together and start again." Bai Xuanyi shook off Mo Feiyang and jumped a few feet away. "I don't know what you're talking about." "I'm in love with you." Mo Fei Yang said. His tone was stiff, as if he wanted to express this heroic statement in a gentle and affectionate manner, but he was not good at it. He was so uncomfortable that even his hair trembled slightly. He clenched his fist quietly behind his back, sometimes looking at Bai Xuanyi, sometimes feeling embarrassed, timid and afraid to look at him. Bai Xuanyi stood in a daze for a long time, looking at Mo Feiyang, who was different from usual at the moment, silent, and finally did not say a word, turned around and ran away quickly. 8 That night, although he knew that Mofei Yang had been closely monitoring himself and that it was dangerous to fall asleep, Bai Xuanyi cast the spell again. Forcibly enter Mo Feiyang's dream. She saw Tang Feng. Text Wedge (10) Ziyuge Novel Net Updated: June 8, 2010 9:25:26 Number of words in this chapter: 661 She just wanted to see him, to talk to him, for no written reason, just to. But this time, Tang Feng did not blame her or drive her away as she had done several times before, but told her her surprising discovery, "Mofei Yang's body, near the heart, began to appear a dark gray fog.". The color of the mist is deepening day by day, and the outer layer is covered with white fluorescence. And in the center of the mist, in the vortex, there was a purple flame. Fuchsia flame? Is it? Bai Xuanyi woke up and did not know whether it was joy or sorrow. She suddenly realized that the reason why she had been unable to distinguish the true identity of Mofei Yang was that he deliberately protected and hid his heart. Because his heart will reveal where he belongs. He's a demon. Only the demon, now, will surround the heart with such a purple flame. The evil consequence called the devil is the core of the devil. Therefore, whether it is Mofei Yang's own deliberate concealment, or the person who transformed Mofei Yang into a demon to hide the evil consequences for him, there is only one purpose to cover up Mofei Yang's identity. To prevent those who want to deal with him from finding his weakness. The result is his soul. It's also his weakness. As long as we specialize in the heart and destroy the evil consequences, then, even if the power of this demon is strong, it will quickly fail in a short time and lose the ability to resist. 9 Bai Xuanyi secretly prepared a dagger. The dagger, which is made of immortal spirit, is a hidden arrow hidden in the cuff, just waiting for the opportunity to attack Mo Feiyang's heart. Bite its evil consequences. However, she still hesitated. She hesitated because the dagger would be sent away,White Marble Mosaic, not only by Mo Fei Yang, but also by Tang Feng. This decision is too cruel for her. She never made up her mind. Text Wedge (11) Ziyuge Novel Net Updated: June 8, 2010 9:25:29 Number of words in this chapter: 861.