"Huh?"? What's going on? Why did you hit the brakes? The car hasn't started yet! Are you confused by my anger? Zhan Yangyang felt that he was beginning to have a headache. I haven't had a headache for a long time, and I was so angry with her! Are you all right? Xiaodong looked at him a little carefully, and his face looked rather bad. Meng Xiaodong, if you want me to live two more years, listen carefully to the following words. I'm only going to say it once! If you can't get the car out, I'll eat you straight away! Xiaodong shook his shoulders in horror. "It's not good to eat people." "Shut up!" Zhan Yangyang is going crazy. "Listen clearly, I'll only say it once!" Finally, finally, the car finally started. Zhan Yangyang felt that he was going to collapse. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, as if he had completely forgotten that the Comrade in charge of driving the car did not even know a few minutes ago that he needed to step on the brake to engage the gear. Xiaodong was quite moved by the trust shown by Zhan Yangyang. She stood upright and stared at the front intently. Her hands touched the steering wheel tightly, and her movements were as stiff as pushing a big millstone. The sports car slowly traveled about 500 meters, and Xiaodong frowned and found another serious problem. Zhan Yangyang, do you think I have a problem with coordination? "Hm?"? What do you mean Zhan Yangyang raised his eyelids and said lazily. You see, I always can't control the accelerator and brake. He wanted to step on the accelerator with his right foot, but his left foot habitually stepped on it with him. Is this a great damage to the car? "It doesn't matter about the damage to the car, it does a lot of damage to my body." "What do you mean?"? Do you get carsick? "Meng Xiaodong." Zhan Yangyang smiled close to her ear. The seductive voice made her get goose bumps all over her body,Pietra Gray Marble, and before she could escape, the thunderous roar of thunder and lightning had already hit people's ears, "I want to apologize to Ah Hua!"! I take back what I just said! Compared with Ah Hua, your IQ is a complete idiot! Which son of a bitch told you to put your left foot on the accelerator and your right foot on the brake? Do you think this is a goose-step or a one-two-one! Take your left foot out of the way, control the accelerator with your right foot, and control the brake with your right foot! If your left foot touches the brake again, I'll cut it off for you immediately! A thrilling day. Xiaodong sat on the chair in the dining room all over,Agate Stone Price, feeling weak in his heart. One day, eight hours. She drove for eight hours. Miraculously, Zhan Yangyang's expensive Porsche sports car was intact. She did not know whether it was because she had an amazing talent for driving, or because Zhan Yangyang had a reaction speed that no ordinary person could have. Within eight hours, at least 20 times, Zhan Yangyang's hand appeared on the steering wheel like lightning to help her avoid the vehicle that was about to hit. Meng Xiaodong, I worship you. Zhan Yangyang lay feebly on the table, his voice hoarse. Hey, I admire myself, too. On the first day of learning to drive, you can walk around the Second Ring Road. "You.." Zhan Yangyang didn't even bother to scold. "You opened my eyes." Xiaodong smiled with a guilty conscience and kept silent. I'm dizzy to death now. I'll take a taxi back after dinner. When Xiaodong heard this, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, he hurriedly suggested, "I'll drive you." Zhan Yangyang's eyes were black and he almost fainted. "If I hadn't been sitting next to you today, that Porsche would have been a pile of scrap metal now." Xiaodong blushed and was speechless to retort. After a pause, he said, "So you are really carsick!"! Carsick people teach people to drive, will not be too reluctant? If you drive a car, even if an astronaut sits in it, he will be dizzy. It's a miracle that I can still sit here and talk to you now. If someone else sits in your car for eight hours, I'll have to open the door and jump directly after eight minutes. Xiaodong suddenly felt a little sorry for him, "are you very uncomfortable now?"? Why don't I take you home by taxi? Zhan Yangyang waved his hand feebly, "I don't want to move now.". Don't ask me to pick up the car again. I want to throw up when I hear it. "Then take a break and I won't talk to you." "Thank you, you are so kind." The hellish process of learning to drive came to an end with Ye Nan's succession. After being shouted and scolded by Zhan Yangyang for seven days, Xiaodong felt that he was now comparable to the Iron Man and invulnerable to bullets. That day, she waited downstairs early for the appearance of the hell drillmaster. Not long after, she saw Ye Nan driving her gray sports car slowly into the community. She sat in the co-driver's seat and beckoned Xiaodong to get on the bus. Xiaodong was at a loss. She laughed and explained that Yang Yang slipped in the bathroom last night and hurt his knee, and now he is lying at home humming. Xiaodong is a little guilty, I do not know if he was so angry that he was in a trance before he fell. Driving on the road, Ye Nan greatly appreciated Xiaodong's driving skills. Xiaodong, who grew up in the scolding of Zhan Yangyang every day, has almost forgotten the taste of being praised. Ye Nan said it was amazing that she had such a skillful skill after only one week of learning. Xiaodong's heart suddenly warmed, and the hellish roar that echoed in his mind became pleasant. Because of Ye Nan's constant praise, Xiaodong's spirit became more and more relaxed, and he drove more skillfully and smoothly. Along the way, Ye Nan hardly had to give her any more advice, but the two of them chatted leisurely. Ye Nan said she felt very gratified. She said Yang Yang had changed a lot recently. Xiaodong smacked his tongue secretly after hearing this. Indeed, he has changed a lot, and his temper is growing day by day. Ye Nan said that after Xiuyue was released from prison, Yang Yang suddenly disappeared from her life, leaving behind a sentence that after traveling around the world, he ran away without a trace. She was originally very worried, but found that since Yang Yang returned from the trip, the whole person has become cheerful, become talkative, become smiling, no longer like a few years ago, always restrained, carefully hide themselves behind the mask. Ye Nan said that she knew that Yang Yang had finally made friends, and finally someone could talk with him and let him vent. Ye Nan said that before that,White Marble Slabs, Yang Yang had few friends. It's not that no one wants to make friends with him, but that there are too few people who can be recognized by him. Xiaodong did not know whether to laugh or cry after hearing this, and did not know if he should feel honored. forustone.com