In the screams, the white terror instantly drowned Arnold, then through the dense bones, Arnold saw a blurred figure standing far away in front of the church, suddenly an idea that even he could not believe came out, these skeleton soldiers, may all be this person. At this time, Wang Yu regained a little strength, and a message came from the skeleton soldier that the thief had been hung back to the city. Wang Yu mercilessly smiled and disbanded the skeleton soldiers, not because he did not want to maintain the state of being protected by the skeleton soldiers, but because he maintained the existence of too many skeleton soldiers, which consumed a certain amount of physical strength. Sure enough, super skills can not be used casually. Standing up, Wang Yu was about to clean up the battlefield when suddenly the system prompt sounded again. "System Prompt: Angel Clan player is a martial arts master. Because you have successfully completed the reward task of the Black Dragon Clan Bitsley City Lord Mansion, you can get a reward of 5,000 gold coins and a piece of silverware. The way to get it is as follows.." "System Prompt: Angel Clan player is a martial arts master. Because you have successfully completed the reward task of the Castelos Castle of the Angel Clan, you can get a reward of silverware. The way to get it is as follows.." There is nothing more astonishing than this kind of thing, Wang Yu went to the battlefield to clean up the battlefield, but how also think impassability, he just killed a thief, how also completed two unusually rich reward tasks in a row? Do not understand, Wang Yu also no longer to think, but at this time in the city of Bittersley prison Arnold is already thinking about almost crazy-what the *** is going on? If he is not killed by the player, he will be resurrected at the resurrection point, not in prison. Was he really killed by the player? Are those skeletons really summoned by the same player? No, it's impossible. How can a player have so many summoners? Maybe I met someone in the guild meeting of the undead. The best assassin in the world, silver-faced Arnold's first time in prison, is so inexplicable. Wang Yu happily cleaned the battlefield,uns s31803 sheet, bought the largest capacity of the dimensional backpack finally came in handy, although still can not hold all the equipment, but most of the equipment with attributes were brought, the falling coins are a bumper harvest, all converted into gold coins enough five thousand, of course, this is omitted the odd number. But this is not the reason to make Wang Yu happy, let Wang Yu feel happy, this time also harvested 23 skill books above level 20, and never heard of skill books-Angel Clan Priest Profession 6, the other 17, respectively, are the skill books of other races Priest Profession. Back to the city of Castros, Wang Yu felt that he had never been so happy to return to the city, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x56 line pipe, to see everyone feel cordial, it is really a happy spirit. Of the six skill books, except for one "Steel Energy" which is a skill book at level 26, the other five are all skills at levels 28 and 29. Chapter 54 Little Brother Nomadic Dragon Steel Energy, an evolution of Stone Skin, can make the target's body as tough as steel for a certain period of time. When cast, it has a group effect. The duration of the first level is 30 seconds. Strolling excitedly in the street for a while, after storing some equipment into the warehouse, Wang Yu went to the castellan mansion again. Although the task was completed in a few seconds, there was a piece of silverware to take. Well, think of it as pie in the sky. The castellan mansion. After taking the silver from the stunned castellan, Wang Yu said goodbye to the castellan with a titter and left the castellan's mansion. Just now he spent a lot of time proving that he was a martial arts master. The Lord of the city refused to believe that a priest could kill a horrible player who could be called the first killer. The man who had just killed the third master of the Black Dragon Clan would be killed by a priest. Let the castellan most dissatisfied is Wang Yu's explanation, such a big thing, the result is only three words to explain: good luck. What kind of words are these! Coming out of the castellan mansion, Wang Yu couldn't wait to find a place where no one was, and carefully examined the silverware on his hand. Raven's Frost Necklace. Gives 3 Ice damage to spell attacks and a 50% chance to freeze the target for 3 seconds. A sudden jump in the heart, plus three points of ice damage, that is to say, the attack target can be affected by frost, slow action for three seconds, and 50% chance to freeze the target for three seconds. In front of Wang Yu's eyes, there is a scene of a skeleton legion freezing the whole monster training area. Freezing the target can reduce the casualties of skeleton soldiers, which can greatly reduce Wang Yu's huge physical burden. Quickly put on the necklace, Wang Yu suddenly remembered that the little priest nomadic dragon, just hit the equipment, there is a set of 15 levels of the best priest suit. He sent a message to the nomadic dragon, and after a while came his delighted reply: "Brother, I've just returned to the tenth level. Wait for me, I'll be back to the city right away!" Wang Yu smiled dumbly and stood in front of the warehouse waiting for him. Before long, he saw two teenagers of fifteen or sixteen years old go to the warehouse to deposit their goods. Wang Yu got out of the way a little, but suddenly he heard the two teenagers talking. "Hey, did you hear that the leader of the media group is a little girl about our age?" "I've heard of it for a long time. It's called An and An Xun. I heard that they are only 16 years old. Recently, they worship that super priest very much." You heard, too, whoo.. Ann and Anxun are the best candidates for my dream wife. How can you worship others? Shit, you like her, too? Ann and Anxun are my appointed wives. Don't have sex with me here. But speaking of it, seeing her recently is a little different from the past, as if.. It seems to become beautiful? I feel the same way.. Wang Yu listens to laugh, little teenager, also arrived at the spring period, think oneself this age, still under the suppression of someone, even the woman's hand is rare to touch. After the two teenagers left and waited for a while, the figure of the nomadic dragon finally appeared in front of them. "Elder brother, I'm sorry. I meddled on the way and missed some time. Fortunately,x70 line pipe, I was killed and resurrected in the city.." Wang Yu rolled his eyes, took out the best set from the dimensional backpack, and traded it to the nomadic dragon.