Every Animal Crossing: Wild World player had a familiar Saturday night recurring. They'd head to the dusty vintage cafe inside the basement Nook Miles Ticket of the museum to see K.K. Slider sing his little pooch heart out. Sometimes they had take a seat on the bar and enjoy a cup of espresso.

That's some thing they have not been capable of do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Brewster, an owl who makes you espresso (and hires you to make coffee), is not presently a part of the sport. "I pass over sitting at espresso stores, it's one of the few things I pass over due to COVID," said Redditor bimmersandbeans. "It could be lovely to go to a coffee save in the sport."

The Roost, the cafe where Brewster is observed, have been a part of Animal Crossing: City Folk, Pocket Camp, and New Leaf. The cafe have become its own standalone building within the 3DS model of the game, however there was no signal of the espresso save in New Horizons. Datamined information and even in-recreation speak have all hinted on the return of Brewster, but we've got visible no signal of him within the eight months in view that New Horizons released.

"There become communicate inside the actual game itself bringing up him and drinking espresso all the way lower back in April (identical changed into genuine for artwork)," stated Redditor Mippipopolous. "I anticipated he'd come with every update, particularly with the fall one, but now I Nook Miles Ticket for Sale even have simply no concept. I'm not getting my hopes up for the subsequent update, however we're going to see."

Players hoped that The Roost would be introduced with the iciness update that introduced Toy Day (Christmas), so they might enjoy pumpkin spice lattes as they watched maple leaves fall through the window. But the update came in November and the owl continues to be missing in action. Some gamers have made their own cafes to fill the void that Brewster has left.