When he opened the brocade box, he suddenly saw a handle of jade sent by the famous wandering Zhenjun in the realm of cultivation. It was carved with a large piece of the best Lingshi. The details were very bright and unsightly. Xie Xu: ".." Absolutely, this dissolute man sent him this kind of thing a few years ago, and was chased and beaten by his father. This year, he even sent it as usual. I don't know how he got in. With an expressionless face, he crushed the jade into powder-not to that extent, but to small pieces that could not be seen. The elder brother of Jiyuzong was also a direct descendant of Qiu Laozu of Changshengmen. As usual, when he came to deliver the "Shu Xiu" of Changshengmen to Xie Xu, he saw that Xie Xiaozong looked extremely cold and had a broken and shapeless Lingshi in his hand. He immediately stepped forward and said with a gentle smile, "Xie Xiaozong, what's wrong? Who made you angry again?" There is a sense of spoiling in the words. Elder Martial Brother Qiu. Xie Xu glanced at him, but did not explain. He only followed his words and said, "Who else dares to provoke me?"? But, but.. It's just him. Xie Xiaosuzerain certainly did not even find himself, when he said that "he", his tone became soft for a moment. All of a sudden, Qiu Ci was so jealous that his heart was bleeding. He had never been wronged by the younger martial brother, but he had to compromise with that man and be modest in every way. At present, Wuchen's temperament will be very obedient only when he meets him. This can not, "Qiu Ci made a thoughtful look,portable gold wash plant," I did not say earlier, that person really does not look like like a man. Xie Xiaosuzerain, do you only regard him as a pet on weekdays? Let him know his position, or when he is well, he will definitely leave. "I won't let him go." Xie Xu frowned. "I'm afraid I won't have the heart to thank the little suzerain," said Qiu Ci. "What can't you bear?" Xie Xu had a cruel expression on his face. "He's just relying on me to spoil him!" Qiu Ci still kept his countenance and said, "Thank you,small gold wash plant, little suzerain. I'm afraid you'll be eaten by him.." Otherwise, you can give him a cold shoulder for a few days and let him settle down. This time, however, Xie Xu did not answer immediately. After a pause, he said, "He has no cultivation on his body. I'm afraid if I give him a cold shoulder, the spirit servant who serves him will treat him harshly." That's true. Qiu Ci had already made up his mind that as long as the little suzerain was indifferent to the man, he would teach the spirit servant to harm him, but he didn't expect that the younger martial brother was thinking a lot in this respect, and it seemed that he was really on the heart. Qiu Ci was so jealous that he felt a pain in his heart. He felt guilty on his face and said, "That's true. I'm not thoughtful enough." After a pause, he suggested casually, "Always provoke him.". Xie Xiaosuzerain, why don't you find someone to '? "With him? “…… Divide the pets? "Exactly, Portable gold trommel ,coltan ore processing," Qiuci joked. "For the sake of Younger Martial Brother's happiness, Elder Martial Brother is willing to devote himself once." Say, heartstrings are tight, at a loss to wait for Xie Xu's answer. Xie Xu is frowning at him. There is no such time in the plot. Chapter 83 Dandy Xiu II (IV). Xie Xu felt strange about what he thought. His very beautiful peach blossom eyes were slightly raised. After a long pause, he said, "Elder Martial Brother and I are too familiar with each other. I always feel that there is something wrong with this." Qiu Ci simply wanted to immediately say, "This is very appropriate.". It was a pity that the words he had just said had exhausted all his courage, and now there was only a thin layer of sweat on his back and a sense of shame that came up crazily. He is the elder brother of the Extremely Desire Sect, and he is the descendant of the ancestor of the deity. It always seems too much that he wants to be a homosexual couple with the younger brother. Qiu Ci was afraid that Xie Xu would see what he was thinking. His eyelashes sank slightly, covering the gloom in his eyes, but he still smiled reluctantly and answered, "Younger Martial Brother is right." Xie Xu really regards Qiu Ci as a "God teammate" to help him improve the plot, so he is very concerned about his proposal. After thinking for a while, he said thoughtfully, "It's the time for the selection. Why don't you pick one of the new disciples?" Qiu Ci: "… …" "Family status should not be too high, and it should not involve too much with other clans.". It's better to be born in poverty, so that when I explain to him the purpose and benefits of my visit, there is a 90% chance that I will agree. "The most important thing is that Xie Xu does not have to face Tan Tang's cold face every day, and when he finally reveals the truth, he does not violate his" infatuation "personality; he can also make Tan Tianmo feel more humiliated and will never be soft on him in the future.". It's not that Xie Xu thinks too much, it's really that the failure experience of several worlds before is vivid, as long as Tan Tang softens his attitude a little, Xie Xu feels not very safe. Xie Xiaosuzerain said so, feeling very good, looking at Qiuci, his eyes seemed to be as bright as stars. Qiu Ci: "… …" Under the expectant eyes of the Younger Martial Brother, Elder Martial Brother Qiu, who had first put forward this bad idea, could not refute it any more. He smiled fondly, but clenched his hands slightly under his long sleeves, as if he had gnashed his teeth and said ferociously: "Thank you, little suzerain.." Think carefully. Xie Xu picked up some of the Lingshi treasures brought by Qiu Ci at random and went out of the hall. Autumn poem is the moment of absence, a glance to see that thick and gorgeous but arrogant can not touch the side face, the heart seems to fall a pat, can not help but ask: "Xie Xiaosuzerain where to go?" "To pick the right person." …… The Extreme Desire Sect is one of the four major sects, and it recruits disciples every four years, so it should be easier to enter than other major sects. But it also has many disciple candidates to be decided internally, and the number of places that can be taken out is only a few, which is really "selecting the best". And the status of the extreme desire sect is superb, of course, unlike other small sects, they have to go to the mortal village and select a few disciples with spiritual roots. It only requires its disciples to go to the clans of various small worlds, and they will naturally be treated as guests of honor, and those masters will present the most gifted and young disciples in the clan for their selection. If a person goes to a higher place and is able to enter the extreme desire sect,tin beneficiation plant, one of the four major sects, he will have a bright future. If he succeeds in his studies in the future, he can also invite himself out of the sect to glorify the previous small sect. ore-magnetic-mining.com