Half an hour later, Ningcheng came to the edge of the ancient abandoned land. He had just read the brief introduction of the ancient abandoned land and had some understanding of the ancient abandoned land. This is not only a place for monks to refine their bodies, but also a place for monks to look for opportunities and treasures. A top-notch acquired Lingbao has been produced in the ancient abandoned land, and there are countless artifacts, caves, ancient skills, heavenly treasures and so on in the ancient abandoned land. For countless years, countless great powers have been given opportunities here. Similarly, for countless years, countless monks have fallen here. The periphery of the ancient abandoned land is better, although there are void collapses, space blades and void cracks, as long as you are careful, you can still save your life. Once you enter the depths of the ancient and abandoned land, your life will not be controlled by yourself. In the depths of the ancient and abandoned land, the dislocation of space is like a common occurrence, which can be met all the time. As for space collapse and space reflux, as well as snowstorms, they can only be regarded as the most common dangers. The more terrible danger is that you don't know when the broken star you are in will suddenly explode. Broken star explosion, then even if the sky is strong, it is difficult to get away. After all, this is no other place,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, and there is danger everywhere. Maybe you've just escaped from the center of this explosion, and the next step is to step into the space dislocation. As for the inverse mud whirlpool, according to the introduction on the jade slips, it only belongs to the dangerous place of ancient abandoned land. Listen to the danger of abandoned land feel terrible, but think of their powerful opponents, Ningcheng did not hesitate to step into the abandoned land. As soon as you step into the desolate land, the feeling of vicissitudes and desolation is even clearer. There is even a vague panic in my heart, as if in the depths of the ancient abandoned land,glass cream jars, there are some ancient souls calling for every monk here. But once you stop and explore carefully, the call of these souls seems to disappear again. Ningcheng is sure that this is definitely not his illusion. With Xuan Huangzhu, his intuition is much stronger than before. Perhaps other monks thought that this was an ancient abandoned land, so they had this illusion, but Ningcheng did not think so, and he was more careful when he walked. He did not stop because of this worry, even the most terrible soul, he was not afraid. Before his knowledge of the sea had not been nirvana, he was not afraid to give up at all. Now he knows the nirvana of the sea, forming the starry sky to know the sea, even if there is an ancient soul to seize, why should he be afraid of it? Ningcheng chose to go to a place called Luna Swamp. There are two reasons for going to this place. The first Luna Swamp is on the edge of an interface, and the second is on the jade sketch map of the ancient abandoned land. The marking of the Luna Swamp is very vague. He can buy this kind of jade sketch, and others can obviously buy it. If someone really came after him, when guessing where he was going, he would not guess that he would choose the direction of the jade sketch, 30ml dropper bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, which was very vague. After experiencing these things, Ningcheng's approach is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, be careful is always not a big mistake. Ningcheng did not go far, at most only into the ancient abandoned dozens of miles away, was stopped by several people. He was stopped by four people, two men and two women. Xiu is the highest is a tall male Xiu, face bronze, eyes with a trace of splendor, unexpectedly is a double pupil. In Ningcheng's view, this monk is already a perfect destiny, half a step into the existence of heaven. Next was a nun of medium height, who had large eyes, fair skin, and was also a beautiful woman. Although the clothes were slightly loose, they could not hide her charm. This nun is the same as the realm of destiny, and she should have just entered the late stage of destiny. Another male Xiu is even shorter than Ningcheng. He is very handsome. He wears a starry sky monk bun on his head, which makes him look very handsome. His cultivation is in the middle stage of immortality, which is similar to the present cultivation in Ningcheng. The last nun is petite and looks very ordinary. Her hair is thin and yellow. She is also the lowest one. She is only in the early stage of immortality. This friend, my name is Valen, these are my companions Yu yuanxue, Ou Hongxin, Dou Di.. The one who came out to speak was the monk with the highest stature and the highest cultivation. Ningcheng noticed that when he introduced his friends, he also went from high to low. Sanxiu becomes Nian Qiong. Ningcheng saw that several people did not seem to be malicious, but also hugged their fists. Wallen said with a warm smile, "Well, my friend, we're going to the crow's nest.". It was supposed to be a team of five people, but one of my friends quit because of something. I see only one friend. If you don't mind, the five of us can go together as a team. Yachao Ningcheng knows that according to the introduction on the jade slips, this place can find the top materials for refining flying magic weapons. The jade slips say that in ancient times, there was a crow Taoist here, and later he changed the name of the place where he was preaching to the crow's nest. After the Raven Taoist broke the plane and went away, his testimony was left behind. As for what is the doctrine, Ningcheng did not think much about it at all. In his view, the most important thing is to practice beyond the eternal realm and then rush out of this plane, just like Cang Wei. Because the crow Taoist is a demon, he has raised countless top wind and fire crow demon pets. Most of these demon pets stayed in the crow's nest, except for a few who left with the crow Taoist. Is it simple to prove the demon pet left by the strong? Each of the tail feathers left after the fall of these wind and fire crows is invaluable. What is more precious is that these wind-fire crows are all wind-fire monsters. After countless years of accumulation, some of the wind and fire crows have been cultivated to a certain extent, and after falling, they have left their original flame. This kind of flame is the red crow fire, and many monks have got the red crow fire here. Red Crow Fire is a great flame, whether it is alchemy or alchemy. But Ning Cheng did not want to go, he had a star wheel, and had the wings of the clouds. As for the flame, he has the galaxy. The only thing missing is not the flame and the material to refine the magic weapon of flight, but how to promote the galaxy. Ningcheng hesitated and said apologetically, "Sorry,Oil Dropper Bottle, I don't want to go to the crow's nest. My cultivation is too low. I don't want to go to such a deep place." In fact, Ningcheng does not want to go to such a deep place, but wants to go deeper. penghuangbottle.com