FIFA 23 will be released in late September and will be the final installment in the EA Sports FIFA franchise. After the deal expires, the game will be renamed EA Sports FC. While the names will vary, the game's structure or gameplay will rarely change radically following the separation. For more information on FIFA 23, please follow where players can also get a lot of FUT 23 Coins.

After the release of FIFA 23, all future games will stop using the FIFA name or brand, and the World Cup will no longer be part of the official FIFA tournament. While the game has lost the FIFA branding, EA Sports has separate agreements with 300 clubs and leagues around the world to allow player names, clubs and games to continue to exist in the game after changes.  What's the Best Way to Get FUT 23 Coins? I think can help you.

Several of these leagues have made it clear that they will stick with EA Sports. The Premier League is one of the leagues with an individual licensing agreement and its chief executive Richard Masters has no doubts about the future, seeing EA Sports as a long-term and valuable partner to the Premier League and looking forward to it The new era continues to advance hand in hand.

The UEFA Champions League brand will also be part of EA Sports FC, as it also has a licensing agreement with European governing body UEFA. With FIFA gone, the only licenses that disappeared were those for the national team and the World Cup. However, despite the full FIFA 23 cover stars game brand separation, EA Sports is likely to have a licensing deal with FIFA.

As a final release, FIFA 23 will provide players with additional features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions and players. If players want to outdo other players in the game, they can buy FUT 23 Coins from to build a powerful ultimate team. is currently running a promotion where players can get the cheapest prices on the market.