The advantages of LED lights go far beyond that. In order to adapt to different industrial lighting scenarios, LED lights are also made into different lamps. Next, allow me to introduce several LED industrial lighting fixtures for you to choose from.

  1. LED High Bay Light

    LED high bay lights can meet these lighting conditions. Some workshops have large spaces and high ceilings, and lights must be hung 20 or 30 feet above the ground. To meet the lighting requirements of the above scenarios, a lighting fixture that can provide sufficient illumination is needed and an LED high bay light is a good choice. Take MX03Q-100W-HIGHBAY 100W as an example. The service life is 25,000 hours, IP44 waterproof, and can adapt to different industrial lighting environments.

  1. LED shop lights

     LED shop lights are also common industrial lighting fixtures, and many LED shop lights on the market can be connected in series. When you need to brighten a large area, they can serve your needs well.

  1. Outdoor LED flood light

    LED floodlights, also known as LED security lights, are usually used outdoors, such as outside workshops. The LED floodlight has high brightness, can illuminate a large area at night, and is durable. Adapt to various harsh environments, safe and reliable lighting at night.

     Generally speaking, for home use outside the garage or in the backyard, you can choose a model with relatively low power, such as the 15W Outdoor LED Flood Light; while for factory use, you can choose a version with a relatively high power, which has higher output brightness and illumination range. Wider, such as 100W outdoor LED floodlights.

  1. LED fluorescent lamp

    Today, more and more people use LED fluorescent lamps to replace traditional fluorescent lamps, because in comparison, LED fluorescent lamps are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan. LED fluorescent lamps are divided into different types such as A type, B type, and C type. Among them, the double-ended B-type LED fluorescent lamp can be directly installed and used, and the original ballast can be directly discarded. They are commonly used in warehouses, garages, workplaces, and other places.

    The above are some common LED lamps suitable for industrial lighting. You can choose the right one for your specific lighting scenario and application. Of course, industrial lighting is much more than that.

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