Final Fantasy XIV servers have been severely congested for months and, as a result, FFXIV character creation restrictions have been implemented in hopes of reducing the long queue times. Unfortunately, this limitation affects both new players and current adventurers wishing to make a new character. The game has experienced massive growth in the past year and positive reactions from Endwalker have only invited more players to try FFXIV. There are so many new adventurers, in fact, that publisher Square Enix decided to temporarily suspend the sale of the Starter and Complete Editions of the game. For the restriction on character creation to end, player congestion on each server needs to subside.


It's not easy to choose which server to join when playing Final Fantasy XIV. Luckily for players, this decision isn't definitive: there's always a way to transfer your favorite character to another World, or even to another Data Center.

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It can be useful if you want to join your friends' Free Company when it's based on another server, or when you're not particularly tied to a server, but are interested in the transfer bonus for Preferred and New Worlds, including the double XP boost. Whatever the reason, here's how to give your character a new Home World.

Not everyone can transfer their character from one Home World to another. First, players must own the game and follow some steps to prepare their character for the process.

If you're looking to transfer your characters to a new Home World, you'll have to take a few in-game steps before starting the process. In short, anything that ties the character to a specific World must be cut before they become eligible for a transfer. You should:

Log out from the game and be outside an instanced area.

Leave your Free Company (since these are World-based).

Remove all items from the Market Board.

Take all items entrusted by the Calamity Salvager (located in each main city).

Take your Chocobo back.

Sell your plot.


The general transfer fee amounts to $18, but transfers to New or Preferred Worlds are free of charge, and the character will even receive rewards such as an XP boost and items. The developer encourages players to join servers that are less crowded to even out their load. The status of all Worlds is regularly updated on the official server status page. If you need more buy FFXIV Gil during the game, which is by using a reasonable amount of money to buy a decent amount of FF14 Gil.

After taking the necessary in-game steps, you'll have to actively request a character transfer. Here's how to do it:

Log out and close the game if it isn't done already.

Navigate to the Mog Station.

Log in.

Select the tab "Home World Transfer" in the Additional Services category.

Follow the steps indicated by the website.

When the transfer process is complete, you'll receive an email notification from Square Enix. It's advised to wait for this mail before logging in again on your character since it can cause issues if the transfer isn't complete yet.


When you log in after the transfer is complete, you might need to change your name or your retainer's name in case of another player has the same in this server.

Following the transfer, the character will lose all blacklist information, competitive rankings, and deep dungeon scores. They'll keep their retainers and items stored and resources, however.

Thank you for reading, it looks like 2022 is going to be another great year for everyone's favorite MMO.