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Our memory has high importance in making us successful. But, as time passes, we may see changes in the ability to recall or remember vital things in our personal and professional lives. You may have trouble recollecting names or forgetting why you visited the kitchen. Some people miss a significant personal or professional appointment. Severe memory lapses can lead create havoc in your life. Can you overcome memory problems? With some reliable methods, you can try sharpening your memory. Read ahead to gain vital information to boost your memory. 

About Memory Loss And Methods To Address The Problem 

As people age, people may suffer from memory loss. Older people can face memory lapses due to changes in brain structure. Aging can impact brain function. Several issues due to aging can lead to this issue. The problem causing memory lapses include: 

  • Brain injury 

These underlying problems can slow the cognitive process. Older people may find it hard to learn new things fast or avoid distractions that may interfere with memory. The changes in memory can cause frustration in people. Thanks to holistic strategies, you may try some steps to sharpen and protect your memory. 

1. Try Memory Exercises 

Engaging and stimulating memory exercises may help your brain. These games may aid in critical thinking. Playing memory games can promote visual recognition. It can nurture the power of attention to detail. Introducing memory games in seniors can provide cognitive training. According to studies, memory games may benefit dyslexic people and individuals with neurological conditions. 

When people play memory games with others, it can promote social interaction. Engaging in conversation with others may stimulate brain function and memory. You can introduce the following games in your routine gradually to boost brain power. 

  • Chess 

  • Rebus puzzles 

These games may stimulate the higher functions in your brain. You can retain the fitness of the brain. 

2. Include Holistic Supplements 

Holistic supplements may help boost brain power. Among the various options, you can try THC. It is the compound found in the Cannabis plant. THC in low doses may sharpen memory. Some experts also believe that low dosages of THC may prevent neurological conditions. According to the latest research presented at Society for Neuroscience, THC may impact the brain. The research found reduced inflammation levels with low doses of THC. The animal study also found that THC stimulated the production of proteins related to brain cell growth and memory formation.  

But, FDA has not regulated the use of THC supplements. Buy THC gummies or other products from a reputed brand with good customer reviews to sharpen your memory. Only high-quality products can provide the best results. 

3. Good Nutrition 

Your physical health has a direct link to the foods you eat. Good nourishment can play a vital role in boosting your brain function. A diet with antioxidant food may promote good brain function. Including fresh fruits and vegetables may provide nourishment to the brain that other body parts may deny. 

A study by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) determined that eating green leafy vegetables may slow down the cognitive decline rate in seniors. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can boost your brain power. It may maintain cognitive function at high levels. Another study indicates that eating healthy food can improve brain function. Research by the HRB Clinical Research Facility (National University of Ireland, Galway) and the Population Health Research Institute (McMaster University, Ontario) points to the significance of eating a good diet for brain health. 

4. Include Exercise 

Including exercise in your routine may promote aerobic health benefits. It can boost several body functions: 

  • Control blood pressure 

  • Lung health 

  • Heart health 

  • General physical condition 

A study by the University of South Carolina pointed to the benefits of physical exercise. Physical exercise may boost mitochondrial development, leading to the revitalization of brain cells. Exercise may reduce mental fatigue and sharpens thinking. How is it possible? Physical activity may improve blood flow to the brain and other body parts. It can lead to sharpened memory. 

Movement and physical workout sessions can play a vital role in safeguarding the brain of seniors. Seniors facing challenges with walking can include stationary exercises. It may aid help in boosting memory and brain power. Exercising may improve independence and higher quality of life. It can build self-esteem and confidence in seniors. 

5. Journaling 

Writing your experiences of day-to-day life may boost memory. Consider starting a journal or diary. It is one of the memory exercises stimulating thinking. It can improve cognitive function and memory. Encouraging seniors to start a journal may promote better memory. Seniors have a lot of experience. They can try to record it from their memory. Some elders may find writing the memories in a journal impossible. They can record it as journal entries by speaking about it. 

Try to include daily interactions. Recording the plans for the future can promote planning and forward-thinking skills. It may aid in combating memory loss in seniors. 


Forgetting things or absentmindedness may seem a regular occurrence in your daily life. Most of us misplace objects or become lost in our thoughts. Infrequent lapses of memory can frustrate you. It may not trigger serious complications. But, a weak memory can impact your life negatively. It can prevent the smooth completion of daily activities. You can try the tips suggested to manage memory problems. If you notice memory problems becoming worse, see a doctor.