Hewlett-wide Packard's printers are well-known for their ability to create text and graphics in black and white or colour, scan and copy documents, and print high-quality images. You may notice that your HP printer occasionally prints blank pages instead of coloured ones. Normally, when an ink cartridge in your HP printer runs out of ink, no colour printouts are produced. This problem can also be caused by print head issues, incorrect printer settings, and so on. My Hp Photosmart 6520 Won't Print necessitates the use of excellent troubleshooting techniques, which you must be aware of. If your HP printer is not producing black ink properly or clearly, this tutorial provides easy solutions. Your HP printer may occasionally run normally but refuse to print in black ink. As a result, text or blank pages are printed in a light black colour by your printer.

Why is my HP 6520 printer not printing in black and white?

HP printers can produce stunning colour and monochrome printouts. When you need to print documents in black and white, your HP printer may start producing blank pages. You must first ensure that the ink cartridge is fully charged. The following are some of the most common reasons for your Hp Photosmart 6520 Black Not Printing:

  • Problems with the print head
  • The supply of black ink in the ink cartridge is depleted.
  • Incorrect printer colour settings, for example.
  • It's also possible that this issue will occur if you use subpar ink.
  • Whatever the root cause, the problem must be resolved as soon as possible.

Do your HP printer's blank sheets continue to print? Here's a quick fix

We may be able to fix the incapacity of HP Deskjet, Officejet Pro, Photosmart, and Laserjet series printers to print in black ink. To resolve the problem, please follow the described procedures. Using the options given below, you can establish the cause of your HP printer's failure to print documents in colour or black and white.

Step 1: Check the cartridge

  • Remove the colour printer cartridge with care by opening the printer's top cover.
  • Try printing the files again after replacing the black ink cartridge.
  • It's possible that your HP printer's black ink is low or that the colour cartridge is broken.
  • At least 1/4 of the cartridge's capacity should be available. On the side of the ink cartridge, look for the expiration date.
  • If the first method does not work for you and your HP 6520 printer will not print in black, try the next one.

Step 2: Examine your print head

  • Clean the printer print heads because dust particles that pass beneath the ink cartridge can occasionally cause the problem.
  • Hold down the "Power" button while pressing the "Resume" button six times.
  • Allow your HP printer to gently wash the print heads without touching the power button.
  • Your documents should be re-published. If your HP printer is still printing blank pages, press and hold the "Power" button again, then click the "Resume" button five times for a more thorough cleaning.
  • If necessary, reprint the page.

If you are still having problems using your HP printer to print documents in black and white or colour, there is a software/printer driver problem. In this instance, download the printer driver from the manufacturer's website again and reset your printer.

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