Whether you're starting from scratch or renovating, there are a few "key" things you'll want to consider when choosing Door Knobs.

  What is the style of the house? Modern, contemporary, Tudor, Hamptons, or a mix...? It might even be one style on the outside and another on the inside. That's okay, as long as you know it before you make your choice.

  In the past, it didn't matter what was in the other rooms. it's OK now! If you use chrome in your bathroom, you might consider a two-tone finish on interior door handles. You'll find that touches of chrome combine your bathroom furniture with door handles to make a strong yet subtle statement.

  All materials are different. Consider your environment, whether you are near the coast or have a particularly windy or humid environment. There are various materials, but in this case, a micronized finish or a brass product is best.

  Whether you choose round or lever handles, it almost certainly comes down to two things. The look you want, and who will use it. Round knobs are mostly used in antique homes that fit that look. However, lever handles work on those period-type homes too, so that's up to you.

  Does the room where the door is located need a private function or just a latch function? If privacy is desired, there are two options. Integrate or separate. Integrated is cheaper, but standalone is much better in terms of reliability and aesthetics. Separate privacy is also easier to operate.

  There are many types of metal plating finishes available today—too many to list. There are flat finishes like matte, with black being a current favorite. Available in newer antique finishes, offering the discerning hardware connoisseur a unique vintage finish aesthetic. Designed to simulate the natural and inconsistent qualities that come with tarnish and age, the Antique Brass and Antique Nickel finishes are the result of meticulous handcraftsmanship that has been thoroughly refined.

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