Why Schwinn Electric Scooters Are So Popular


The Schwinn Electric Vehicle Company is a very long established manufacturer of electric bikes and since 2005 it has used its long experience to produce the excellent Schwinn Electric Scooters range. The S-500 Schwinn Electric Scooter is suitable for anybody from age 12 to adult users. This makes it a popular buy for parents with growing children and will save you having to buy a new scooter when they grow. It's both a fun scooter for kids and a practical way to do short trips for any adult with a weight up to 240 lbs. It will carry you on your way at speeds up to 15 mph and it can go up to 8 miles on each charge.


It's more comfortable than a regular stand-on electric scooter because it has a comfortable padded seat so you can rest easy as you go or you can remove the seat if you don't need it. Another useful feature is the 'Smart' fuel gauge which lets you keep a check on how much 'juice' you've got left, so you don't risk getting stranded because the battery has run out! On this great Schwinn electric scooter, you ride on wide 12" alloy mag wheels with 3.25" tires that give you a smooth ride on a flat, pavement surface.


It's got a 500W DC Earth Magnet Motor and the variable-speed twist grip throttle that is a useful safety feature because if you fall off, the scooter will stop immediately. You can charge the two 12 volt sealed batteries in any regular electric outlet and it charges quicker than other off-road Electric Scooter in only 4 - 5 hours. For any seniors who would like a Schwinn electric scooter I can tell you that this model has a new Easy Access Battery Box to help you move the battery in and out of the vehicle. You can buy the S-500 Schwinn electric scooter from places like Walmart and the price is about 260 dollars, which is very reasonable for such a fun and practical vehicle.


If you want something sturdier that you can ride off- road, then the S750 scooter is a good option. It has 12" alloy wheels with 3" wheels and you can have either Low Profile Street Slick or Knobby Off-Road tires. The S750 motor will give you a bit more power to ride up small inclines and over rocky surfaces. The frame is stronger and it has front and rear suspension and 36 volts of power. This model of Schwinn electric scooter also has a maximum speed of 15 miles, but it can go further than the S-500 and has a range of about 12 miles. It has all the good features of the S-500 with an easy to adjust seat that you can remove if you don't want to use it. You can buy the S750 from Walmart for about 299 dollars and cruise around your neighborhood in style.


Both of these scooters have direct chain drive and you can fold them up and throw them in the trunk of your car with no problem. Families take their kids' scooter with them on vacation and people with boats find them handy for shopping trips and sightseeing. They are environmentally friendly and very quiet in operation, which makes them much better than the noisy gas mopeds that drive us all crazy with that high-pitched whine. This type of electric scooter is no problem should you need to repair and maintain it as electric scooter parts are easy to get hold of.


Electric scooters are providing a slicker alternative to cheap mopeds as a way of making short trips without having to waste gas and pollute the air with your automobile. If you're looking for motorized scooters for kids, very fast electric scooters or a comfortable seat scooter for adults you will be able to find everything you need in the wide range of Schwinn electric scooters.