House Sandwich Panel china Construction panels for houses for sale at low prices The metal carved panels used in construction panels for houses have been widely used in recent years. This material is mainly made of environmentally friendly raw materials (the inner polyurethane layer is the same raw material as the inner insulation layer of refrigerators and air conditioners), no poison, no pollution, no peculiar smell, Give the building green protection and decoration. The surface of the metal engraved plate is a galvanized steel plate with a thickness of 03 (containing 55% aluminum), the middle is a rigid foamed polyurethane, and the back is an aluminum foil cloth (with moisture-proof effect). The total thickness of the plate is 1.6 cm, 2 cm, and 5 cm. Various thicknesses; widths are divided into 3 types, 38 cm wide, 38.3 cm wide and 39.3 cm wide. The length can be produced according to customer requirements. The construction wall panels has the function of decorative insulation. In appearance, more than 100 kinds of artistic decorative effects such as mahogany grain, brick grain, bark grain, cultural stone, marble, mosaic and so on can be formed by embossing and baking varnish on the galvanized sheet; The problem is that the exterior wall decoration and heat insulation are carried out simultaneously; the house decorated with construction panels for houses , because of its good heat insulation effect, in summer, the indoor temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than that of ordinary buildings, and it only takes about 5-8 years Over time, the building's savings in air conditioning and refrigeration can pay for material costs. Product Parameter Thickness16mm/20mm Top CoatUV protection coating Surface materialThe High Quality Metal Plate After the Special Coating And embossed Finish Treatment Core MaterialRigid High-density PU Foam Thermal Insulation Layer With fire- retardant Treatment Bottom Side MaterialFoil Protective Layer With The Function of Insulation and Moisture drool Producing StandardISO9001 ,CE Width380mm Length3800mm(customized) Package quantity8pieces/package Package Size4000mm*430mmx135mm Thermal conductivity0.022W(10鈩?/0.0024W(25鈩? Fire RatingB1/B2 payment termsFOB Qingdao Colorcustomized Paint Thickness鈮?0um Applicationexterior/interior wall decoration, renovation of houses, office buildings, residential building, light steel villa, hotels, newsstand, mobile booth, public toilets;etc Advantageslasting beauty; light weight; fast and easy installation; waterproof; thermal insulation; sound insulation; Eco-friendly;etc Product feature 1. The project cost is low: the cost of the panel project is about one-third of the cost of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall project, and the decorative effect is excellent. 2. Fast construction: The construction speed is more than double the construction speed of similar materials. 3. Renovation of old buildings without basic treatment. Install the siding directly. 4. Long service life: 15 years without fading, plate life more than 50 years; 5. Thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction: equivalent to the thermal insulation and sound insulation effect of 5cm thick polystyrene board 6. Rich colors and patterns, any combination: brick pattern, stone pattern, marble pattern, bark pattern, smear pattern, cultural stone pattern, etc. 7. Wide range of application fields, renovation of old buildings, indoor and outdoor decoration, all kinds of new buildings, can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, decorative panels; movable rooms, guard boxes, container houses, environmentally friendly toilets, and box transformers can be used. 8. Extremely light weight, easy to transport and easy to install. 9. Environmental protection and energy saving, the product has no pollution, and there is no construction waste. 10. High hardness, good impact resistance and strong wind pressure resistance; 11. Fire retardant, non-toxic gas. Product application 1. Mobile toilet The mobile toilet is named because of its mobility. It is not restricted by any working environment, and has a lightweight structure, which has obvious advantages compared with traditional toilets. Metal carved board is an ideal material for building mobile toilets due to its lightweight and convenient characteristics. The installation method is simple and fast, and the flexibility is good, which greatly reduces the engineering workload of the mobile toilet. In addition, it also has the functions of waterproof and moisture-proof, sound insulation and noise reduction, which ensures privacy and building durability, and is suitable for mobile toilets in densely populated public places such as stations, docks, tourist attractions, large construction sites, and squares. 2. Box change Box-type substation is a kind of high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage power distribution device, which needs to be installed in a moisture-proof, dust-proof, fire-proof and heat-insulated, fully enclosed and movable box. The board has moisture-proof and thermal insulation properties. As a box-changing shell, it ensures that the operation of the equipment is not affected by the natural climate and external pollution. Increased flexibility and ease of movement. 3. Self-built houses or self-built wooden houses and holiday houses in rural areas The main requirement of self-built houses in rural areas or wooden houses in some holiday areas is to live comfortably and safely. The performance of construction panel meets this requirement: thermal insulation, suitable for activities such as vacations and summer vacations, and the living temperature in the house is pleasant; fire and flame retardant, Guarantee life safety; there are rich patterns to choose from, strong decoration, no need for additional decoration, cost saving. 4. Street renovation, old house renovation For the renovation of the exterior walls of existing buildings, what is more important is the durability and aesthetics of the materials. Construction house panels are often used in street renovations and old house renovations. Because of the characteristics of moisture resistance and heat preservation, It can withstand the erosion of different temperatures and humidity, and is not easy to be corroded. In addition, it also has rich designs and colors, beautiful appearance, and lightweight materials are very convenient to process, which greatly improves the construction speed and is suitable for renovation work. Product installation 1. Special tools/raw materials Hand drill, expansion bolts, self-tapping screws; metal carved plate. 2. Installation process (1) First place the metal carved board on the wall, plug in the hand drill, and then cross the board with the hand drill to connect to the hole in the wall. (2) Then install expansion bolts to the openings, and then fix them with self-tapping screws. (3) Place another wooden board on the side of the fixed metal carved board, and snap the concave groove of the other board into the fixed furniture board slot. Then repeat the operation. (4) After the installation, the exterior wall decoration is beautiful and generous, heat insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction. Company Profile Jinan Dibaier Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry integrating the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of metal carved panels, mobile houses, guard boxes and other products. The company has strong technical force, standardized management and perfect technology. It has entered the market with professional technology, advanced equipment, scientific management method and perfect service, and has been widely praised by all walks of life. Dibaier has an advanced continuous production process of new exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated board and color steel composite thermal insulation board, which can produce brick pattern, elastic coating pattern, water ripple, marble pattern and other patterns, which can meet the color of various buildings. And the integration of thermal insulation and decoration needs. The new type of wall material in Dubai has the characteristics of good thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, light weight, high strength, simple construction, corrosion resistance and strong decoration. Products are widely used in high-rise buildings, modern villas, light steel workshops, mobile homes, European and American-style box-type transformers, renovation of old buildings, mobile and housing in scenic spots, environmental protection public toilets and many other fields. The building materials are not only suitable for newly-built brick-concrete structures, frame structures, steel structures, light-body buildings and other types of buildings, but also for the decoration and energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration. On the development road of new building materials, we will adhere to the new business philosophy of "serving the society, green environmental protection, convenience and efficiency, and professionalism", adhere to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities and obligations, and create "long-term, stable, development, technology, The evergreen great cause of "International"! FAQ 1.Q: Where is your factory located? A: EAST OF SOUTH ROAD XINZHAI GOVERNMENT ZHANGQIU DISTRICT JINAN CITY SHANDONG PROVINCE,CHINA 2.Q: Are you trading company or factory?Can we visit your factory? A: We have our own trading company and factory Yes, warmly welcome to our factory 3.Q: What's your MOQ? A: No MOQ! Even 1 square meter order acceptable! 4.Q: Can we order products of different colors? A: Sure. We can produce according to the customer's requirements. 5.Q: Can you provide sample? A: Yes. We can supply free samples of construction panels for houses. But the delivery charges will be covered by our customers 6.Q: What about the terms of payment? A: TT 30% advanced payment, the balance at the time of shipment other terms of payments also can be negotiatedHouse Sandwich Panel china website: