Webomates AiHealing is a self-healing automation tools that not only identifies the change in test cases but also adapts them in real-time. This process of adaptive testing bridges the gap as it not only identifies the changes in test cases but also adapts them in real-time. Webomates’ healing is a process of self-healing automation and thus helping in faster releases and improving quality assurance.


Webomates has a long history of making automated testing easy for its customers. From start to end, they ensure that your test script comes with all the necessary features to make sure that you are getting 100% results from your automated tests.


With AiHealing, you will be able to run faster releases without worrying about breaking down on account of any new features or changes made to locator scripts, as this software will take care of any discrepancy for you!


There's no need for extra effort when you have AiHealing working for you! If you want 100% automated test coverage across all major platforms and browsers, then get started with Webomates today!



Link: https://www.webomates.com/blog/intelligent-test-automation/self-healing-automate-the-automation/