Nobody you like, uh, you. Your electric bicycle may be one of many electric bicycles produced in the same factory with the same design, but that doesn't mean you can't make it unique. No bike comes from the factory perfect for new riders, so we have some suggestions to make your e-MTB better for you.

Everyone's route and terrain are different. No one rides in the same way. Everyone has his own preference. A good bike gives you a comfortable and familiar feeling. The correct electric bike parts and accessories can bring this feeling to your electric bike.

In this list of the best electric bicycle accessories and upgrades, we focus on the needs of the best electric mountain bikes and budget e-mtb. However, many points in this list actually span the electronic gravel and electronic road bikes, because no matter what kind of electric bike you ride, the basic principle is still correct. So please read on to find out the best accessories and upgrades for your electric bike and how they can make your electric bike better.

A spare battery

Is there anything more unique than battery management for electric bicycles? The whole point of electric assistance is to increase your riding. The days are longer and the mountain is bigger, so there is no need to wait for a ride up the mountain. The last thing you want to do is run out of battery power.

The battery life quoted by your electric bicycle manufacturer on the specification sheet may or may not have any basis in the reality you get. Spend some time driving along a soft path, do a lot of work, and you may even exceed your expected battery life.

On the other hand, if you chase every person on the mountain you can find all day, you may encounter great difficulties. Instead of worrying, take an extra battery. If you run out, you can replace it. There is nothing to worry about.

You also need to choose the best bicycle backpack for MTB to carry your backup battery, because the battery is heavy, and the extra weight requires a backpack to distribute and stabilize the load. 


Tires are one of the very special things for you. Depending on when you pick up your electric bike and how specific its design is, its tires may work for a period of time. With so many choices and so many different use scenarios, no tire is suitable for all things.

The best e-MTB tires have a great impact on cycling. It is not surprising that no tire is a comprehensive master in such a wide range of different track conditions. Most tyres are quite professional, whether they are low-key but fast rolling tyres for hard packed dry conditions or narrow spines for cutting mud.

The robustness of tyres shall also be taken into account; Although the bicycle may be able to get rid of the light tire covers, the e-mtb needs a stronger body. Maxxis, Schwalbe, Pirelli and other brands all have e-mtb special tires and provide performance charts to help you choose the right tire according to your riding style.

Tubeless burst floor pump

It depends on the tyre pressure. In order for the tyres to work effectively, you must set the correct pressure on them. Before each ride, you should check your tire pressure, which means you need a floor pump for home use.

Even if you have a pump now, is it a tubeless burst pump? Modern off-road bicycles use tubeless tyres. The low pressure allowed by tubeless tires will definitely change your riding. No tubing also means you need to handle fewer perforations. The only disadvantage of no management is that it requires new skills and tools. One of them is an air pump with air chamber, which can help you sit the new tire well.