We are on the verge of 2022. People are becoming inactive in their daily lives.


You might have thought about why I’m starting with this statement. The reason is that it is the truth.


What are people doing today?

People are just scrolling social media platforms and having fun all day. 


Interestingly, people feel lazy to type their passwords on any platform; instead, they are carving for auto-filling. 


But have you thought about what will happen then? 

Yes, all your data has been collected and used for multiple purposes. 


Also, most platforms now insist on connecting the wallet with the app to make easy payments. But do you think it is safe to showcase all your bank details there?


Know The Stats!

A recent report states, "$2.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been lost in 2022 to the hacking of smart contracts or protocol infrastructure." "This is an increase of 63% over the previous year."


What Can We Do?

The only thing to keep our data safer and more transparent is Blockchain technology. This latest technology has a security shield that protects all our data from hackers and ransomware attacks. 


Also, a business needs more security than an individual. So, today, it is vital to integrate blockchain into your business. 


Blockchain’s decentralized and immutable nature makes the data is never deleted or hacked and is open to everyone in the network.


Smart Contracts In Blockchain!

The smart contracts in the blockchain run between multiple parties when specific conditions are met. It is not just an agreement but a tracker. Yes, it monitors all the processes from beginning to end. 


These smart contracts are automatic, robust, and incommutable. There is one more boon to protect your transactions - Web3 Antivirus.


Web3 Antivirus!

Web 3 acts as an antivirus that safeguard your transactions. Wherever you are about to transact money from your account, web3 Antivirus starts working. 


What it does?


It pauses your transaction. Yes, it breaks and checks for the risk factors and allows the transaction only when there are no such risk factors.


Also, it protects users from visiting any phishing websites. It compares the domain names to hundreds of blocklists, identifying suspect logic using its own ML models and alerting users if the page is unsafe.


So, it is one more shield to the smart contract. If a smart contract serves as a layer 1 wall, Web3 Antivirus is the layer 2 wall.


Final Feather

Are you a business owner? Then, you might know how much data is being hacked and money theft is happening daily in the business world. Do you feel like protecting your data and money from unwanted people? Connect with the leading smart contract development company that will assist you with innovative ideas and affordable services.