Perfect Diary is a very popular domestic make-up brand. It has won the favor of fairies because of its super high cost performance.

For example, the Cost-effective perfect diary lip gloss is very smooth and delicate, moisturizing on the lips, does not get stuck on lip lines, and is easy to film. Fast, durable, very suitable for novices. Here are some of Amway's best-selling series models, let's find out which one is easy to use and which series is more suitable for you.

Perfect Diary's lip gloss has never let me down. Not only is the color correct and the texture of perfect diary lip gloss is good, but the lip makeup it draws also looks very high-end. It can easily enhance the texture of my overall makeup. This series of perfect diary lip gloss is also called "golden velvet" lip gloss. The appearance of perfect diary lip gloss and packaging have been upgraded, and there are more perfect diary lip gloss colors to choose from, which can better capture the hearts of girls who often wear makeup like me.

The packaging design of Perfect Diary lip gloss looks very advanced. Its design inspiration comes from the free pioneer women in the 1920s. Their thinking is more advanced and avant-garde. They like to break the shackles of the world and want to express their self-confidence . The tube body of Perfect Diary Supreme Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze is made of frosted material, which feels very textured and feels very good. Usually I take it out to touch up makeup and it will look very stylish.

There are many color numbers to choose from for the perfect diary soft velvet lip glaze, among which the popular V10 sweet peach dance step I got. The V10 sweet peach dance step color is a very sweet and vigorous peach oolong color, with a slight shimmer inside, making the whole person pure and lustful. I often use this lip gloss for my daily makeup, and a thin layer will show a good color. If it’s a shopping date, I prefer thick layering, and use this lip glaze to draw the popular "tea art makeup".

Perfect Diary Supreme Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze is made with double-fitting technology, which can achieve double fit and long-lasting color lock. Moreover, the texture of this lip glaze is also very high-grade, the texture of gold glitter velvet can present a delicate lip makeup with delicate touch and gorgeous appearance. Every time I put it on, I feel like a retro girl from the 1920s, swaying and dancing on the dance floor, showing the other side of myself charming and confident.

On the whole, the perfect diary soft velvet lip glaze will definitely be popular all over the Internet and become a lip makeup item for every delicate girl. Because the color of this lip gloss is highly optional, the color saturation is also high, and the texture is first-class, it is really worth starting for all girls!


Perfect Diary Anti-Gravity Lip Glaze Light Mist Matte Lipstick

Diamond-shaped paste cutting process, comfortable grip, easier to rotate, easier to outline delicate lip shape. The matte matte velvety texture melts on the lips, the light and moisturizing texture, and the creamy texture, moisturizing and non-drying. The light fragrance smells good, and the added glycerin ingredients are smooth and comfortable, making the lip makeup rich and full, the color lasts for a long time, the moisturizing lasts for a long time, and the durability is still very good.