Protect Your Door With A Fingerprint Smart Lock Black Friday Deal

Anybody waiting for a better deal on a fingerprint-reading smart lock for Black Friday may want to take a closer look at the bundles put up by Ultraloq. Specifically, the two bundle deals on the company’s Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. That’s presently priced at just $125.30 for the standalone version and just $139.30 with a WiFi Bridge. Discounts of 37-percent and 44-percent off, respectively.To get more news about best fingerprint door locks, you can visit official website.

Now, in terms of the door locks themselves, those are going to be the same regardless of which option is chosen. Ultraloq Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro is a six-in-one deadbolt-style smart lock with a circular keypad and fingerprint reader. More importantly, it’s ANSI Grade 1 certified. Meaning that in addition to featuring an IP67 rating against the weather, it’s rated at a higher strength for commercial use.

What’s more, the keypad is designed to be anti-peep, a mechanical key can be used as needed, or it can unlock via a smartphone. Complete with “auto-unlock” and “shake to open” features. As a smart lock, user management, random key generation, shared eKeys, and more are all part of the bundle.
Four AA batteries are also included, lasting over a year, according to the company. Now, of course, those could still die unexpectedly. But a MicroUSB port along the bottom — or a key — can be used to quickly regain entry.

What sets the more expensive smart lock apart?
In terms of why the bundle with a WiFi Bridge is more expensive, that’s an easy question to answer. That bridge is not only absolutely required for remote control from a smartphone. It’s also required for creating and sharing codes. But more importantly, that’s where the smart home integration features enter the equation.

Namely, this smart lock — when bought with the bridge — integrates cleanly with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even IFTTT user-created algorithms. Giving users more control and more features for just a few dollars more. Making this easily one of the best smart home deals of the year.