Nowadays, music movies are sometimes hit or missed: there are many crazy, happy and absurd best way movies in the world, such as Mamma Mia (don't worry, it's here) No matter what the cat is (definitely not on the list). But when it's good, it's spectacular.

'White Christmas' (1954)
This popular musical movie is the well-known "White Christmas" version, but it also has a lot of more attractive and underestimated tunes, and not one but two romantic stories. It was the highest grossing musical at that time. Although it is very retro now, it is still essential to watch the program in cold weather.

'Fame' (1980)
With the pursuit of - you guessed it - fame by students in performing arts high school, this musical has become a hit classic. It does not shy away from portraying the trials and tribulations of success (and trying to succeed in the entertainment industry), but the cheerful songs and gorgeous dance clips make this musical movie a pun.

'Guys and Dolls' (1955) 
This outstanding musical movie starring Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Jane Simmons tells the story of a gambler who needs to make money (played by Sinatra). He made a bet that he thought was infallible: his old acquaintance Sky Masterson (Marlon Brando) could not let the holy sergeant Sarah Brown (Jane Simmons) date him.

'Rocky Horror Picture Show' (1975) 
The crazy musical movie "Rocky Horror Show" in all the musicals still inspired the live performance of the local theater, and reproduced the strange events that occurred in Dr. Frankenfurt's mansion. Among them, Brad and Janet, a wayward couple, were trapped there for a weird night.

'Fiddler on the Roof'  (1971)
This musical movie, adapted from the Broadway musical of the same name, tells the landmark story of a father who tries to make his five daughters conform to the Jewish cultural tradition. He met with resistance and realized how much his older daughters wanted to marry husbands who were not religious.

'My Fair Lady' (1964) 
Be prepared to be completely fascinated by the modern musical movie of Eliza DuLittle, played by Audrey Hepburn: a working class London girl learns how to speak like an elegant aristocrat and become a member of the upper class.

'Singin' in the Rain' (1952) 
This Gene Kelly musical movie is famous for its iconic dance scene with an umbrella. It tells the dramatic transformation of the entertainment industry from silent film to "sound film" when two silent film stars join the musical cast.

'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' (1964)
This bittersweet French musical movie is another umbrella-based musical, which tells the story of young Catherine Denaf working in a boutique selling umbrellas. She fell in love with a mechanic and became pregnant, but when he was called up to participate in the Algerian war, she had to live without him.

'Funny Face' (1957)
The award-winning combination of Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire witnessed that a young librarian in Paris fell into the throes of colorful American fashion after being discovered by a top magazine editor and a famous fashion photographer.

'Grease' (1978)
This classical musical movie reappeared in the news after some strange conspiracy theories (opened in the new label), but we know and love Grease because of its melody, excellent cast and iconic clothing changes: "Tell me, Soha."