In order to progress 2k23 mt within the game, you'll have to hunt for VC continuously, and while getting VC does not require any special abilities or preparation, getting it quicker can be difficult. However, there are some actions you can follow to ensure a consistent flow of VC to your account.Best ways to earn VC quickly in NBA 2K23

Although purchasing VC with real money is the most straightforward and simple method to earn VC however, it's not advised to do it. Instead, you should use the methods that are free to play as described below.Playing MyCareeris probably the most effective method to earn VC through the game. If you play regularly, MyCareer can earn an adequate amount of VC and is the primary method of earning VC. Additionally, the greater the difficulty of MyCareer, the greater VC you'll earn.

Playing Now online games- Each game that you participate during Play Now's Play Now online match will bring you 400 VC If you win you'll earn an additional bonus VC.NBA 2KTV- Just by answering trivia questions in NBA2KTV can earn you VC. While the amount you earn may not be much but it's still a great method of earning VC while nba 2k23 mt coins trying to test your basketball knowledge.Claiming Daily Rewards- While not guaranteed, there's the possibility of getting VC via Daily Rewards. There are also daily Pick 'Em minigames around the city which can earn you VC when you win.