Amongst the lakhs of students, few are selected for the desired post. Several students have prepared for the civil services examinations for more than 5 years and are still unable to crack the exam. Cracking this exam requires more than commitment, luck, and preparation. It will need you to embrace the IAS preparation as a way of living that reflects by the daily activities you partake in. if you want to clear a UPSC exam, you should know the All About UPSC exam and implement the following habits that can help you to clear the UPSC exam in the first attempt. These habits will help you in the preparatory phase of the exam and also help you, in the long run, because you will be amongst the elite administrative services.

Develop Conceptual Clarity 

The examination syllabus can span the subject's breadth and length. Most of the time compels the IAS students to memorize the facts rather than develop a deeper understanding of the facts. It is the wrong approach made by the students. Our memory can hold only a certain amount of data. It also happens due to the passage of time.

To understand the topics you are preparing for, you should try to develop conceptual clarity. It will not only help you get deeper into the topic, which can help you to get more insightful answers but also allow you to remember the information more easily. For example, when preparing for geography, you should refer to the geographic map and place the topics on it. It will allow you to build a visual memory guide to help you remember the important factors during the examination. This tip can help you when you want to crack the civil services examination.

Build A Timetable 

As an IAS student, you should know the significance of a well-balanced timetable when preparing for the exam. However, students should build a balanced timetable regarding the number of study hours, physical activity, relaxation, and social life.

When you devote all of your interest to studying for the IAS, it can lead to boredom and monotony, which can cause a lack of interest in studies. You should also build 2-3 time schedules to help you achieve your monthly or weekly study goals. This process can help you to track the preparation schedule, and you can also make amends when necessary. Following a scheduled and manageable timetable will enhance your lifestyle and help you in the long run. 


When you want to know All about UPSC exam, you should know that newspaper will be your best friend. The biggest challenge with the newspaper is that it expands the UPSC syllabus by one newspaper daily. Other than this, you should know that there is no turning away from the important resources for the IAS preparation. Reading newspapers daily should also identify the significant topics and stories to focus on. In other words, before reading the newspaper, you should ask yourself what to read and why you should read it. It will help you to cut down the stuff to read and also help you to collect the information daily.

Develop Writing Skills

Most IAS aspirants only focus on the preliminary exams. It is a type of objective test. While it may look like the best strategy, it can haunt you in the long run. The primary civil services examination is the conventional subjective test for which you must write the answers in the text. For this reason, if you are sure you want to clear the main examination, it is better to enhance your writing skills at an early stage.

According to prominent academics, studying through writing is the best technique to remember the factual information and help you develop the answer formats that will help you with the final examination. It will also benefit you as you will avoid the duplication of the work.
Follow Government Websites
Most of the IAS students ignore this factor. The government sites are a great source of information about the schemes, policies, data, and reports. These are the resources you can use to get information and understand the topics that will provide you with meaningful preliminary and the main phases of civil services examination.
The benefit of referring to the government sites is that they will be updated more often than books and published reports. With being a digital resource, the sites are free to use by anyone with access to an internet connection. 
Problem Solving Skills 

Amongst the best qualities needed for an IAS aspirant, having problem-solving skills is the best thing to help you pass the civil services examination. IAS officers will have to address a host of problems and challenges during the preparatory phase, and you can overcome the issues with the help of innovative techniques. You will encounter issues such as dealing with the extensive syllabus, resources, time management, peer pressure, and others during the IAS preparation. In such times, your skills as a problem solver will be helpful as you can design solutions that are not aimed at solving the problems.

Quality Discussion
It is another great habit which you should develop. You should indulge in quality and healthy discussions with your peers and teachers. These discussions should mainly focus on the topic and look at the different perspectives back with verified data accessible in the public domain.
Discussions are the best way of getting intel. The students can use the point of view shared by the others to build a balanced and holistic answer. Being part of a group will motivate you to study more and help you develop an alternative perspective to take the discussion forward. 


These are the habits that can help you to clear the UPSC exam on the first try. Make sure to implement these habits into your daily routine, as you may not know when these habits can help you to crack the examination. Despite the challenges students face each year, plenty of students crack the exam easily due to their sheer willpower to tackle the odds.

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