Life in the world is filled with problems of which individuals are desperate to find solutions. No real matter what terrible situation we face in the world we can get solutions through our Lord Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can fix any problems that are impossible for only human. When we rely on the phrase of God that is Jesus Christ  a course in miracles, submit and surrender ourselves in all regions of our life by being obedient to his commandments and laws, we live a victorious life.

When family doesn't understand you, and whenever your friends don't seem to care remember Jesus Christ understands and cares for you. Jesus alone is the solution to all kinds of problems.

  • When no-one stands by you once you face any troubles or crises, remember Jesus Christ will stand by you and give you strength.
  • If you have lost your path and direction remember Jesus Christ will direct your paths, guiding you through your life.
  • When relationships fail to guide you, remember Jesus Christ, he's most of the support you needed.

When you're going through some of the worst crisis amount of your daily life remember Jesus Christ stood by you prefer a firm rock offering you unbound support showing you the ray of hope.

Whenever your time get so rough and your heart is like its breaking, remember the only person you may ever trust whole heartedly is Jesus Christ.

When no-one else seems to share your sorrow and trials, remember Jesus Christ shares your sorrow and trials and get rid of your pain.

When you really need something, remember to ask from Jesus Christ because he will supply your entire physical needs.

When people enable you to down in your life, remember Jesus Christ won't ever forsake you but encourage you together with his powerful words.

When you're in trouble and cry out for help remember Jesus Christ is on his way to help you during the time of one's need.

When you do something very wrong remember Jesus Christ, he will forgive you and set you straight.

When you're in fear and despair, remember Jesus Christ, he will strengthen you; he will allow you to and uphold you together with his victorious right hand.

When you wanted someone who is loving, caring and understanding remember Jesus Christ who need you for who you are.

When you Have loneliness, frustration, and fear taken control of one's thoughts, pain is too much to bear and there's no-one on your side remember Jesus Christ he will need your pain and give you rest and peace.

Whenever your loved one stabs you from the trunk remember Jesus Christ he will like you with unconditional love.

If you have hopeless situations and could see no way out remember Jesus Christ to see His loving hands moving upon your situations, and soon you will be out from the troubles.

When you may not have a close friend remember Jesus Christ is a great and closest friend who cares for you and He knows about you, even knows your thoughts and the number of hairs on your head.

When you're hungry and there's none to feed you remember Jesus Christ he is the provider for He is the bread of life and He meets your entire needs.

When no-one can there be to be controlled by you remember Jesus Christ, he is waiting patiently to welcome you. He wants you to come quickly to Him about everything that concerns you.

When people did not hear your requests or concerns or prayers, remember Jesus Christ, in His perfect timing he will grant your request.

Whenever you have a bad news from doctors, remember Jesus Christ is the Great Physician who ever came to heal the sickness of the world.

Whenever you feel broken hearted, remember Jesus Christ, He is very near to you for he is your greatest encourager, motivator and the biggest supporter.

Whenever you are in peril remember Jesus Christ, for He is your refuge and fortress and his Blood has the power to heal you, to free you, to protect and cleanse you from all dangers.

When individuals have rejected you, remembers Jesus Christ, he waits for you with open arms to simply accept you.

Whatever problem you might ever face in the life span remember Jesus Christ for he is the answer. Trust in Him and rely on Him in everything, you will never go wrong anywhere.

When people mislead you and bring you shame remember Jesus Christ, he won't ever mislead you for He is the way in which, the reality, and the life.

When people do not have time for you, remember Jesus Christ, he longs to spend time with you .He never cancels your appointment in His appointment book.