Wordle is a popular word-guessing game that has taken the internet by storm. Each day, players are given six chances to guess a five-letter word based on a series of hints. The game has become a daily ritual for many, providing a fun and engaging way to exercise the mind and improve vocabulary.

Wordle Hint Today 21 Feb 2023

Today's Wordle hint for February 21, 2023, was particularly challenging. The hint stated that the word contained one vowel, one duplicate letter, and was an adjective rather than a noun or verb. Additionally, the starting letter was R and the ending letter was Y.

Wordle Answer Today Feb 21 2023

After much contemplation, the answer to today's Wordle was revealed to be "RUDDY." This word is an adjective that means having a reddish-brown color, similar to that of a rust-colored fox or a sunburned complexion. The word contains only one vowel, which is the letter "U," and one duplicate letter, which is the letter "D."

Many Wordle players find the game to be an excellent way to challenge their vocabulary skills and keep their minds sharp. The game's daily format provides a fun and engaging way to start the day and can even be used as a tool for learning new words and improving language skills.

Overall, Wordle has become a beloved game that has brought people together and provided a fun and exciting way to exercise the mind. With new challenges every day, players can continue to improve their vocabulary and have fun while doing it.