Diablo 4-and its plentiful microtransactions-have been a hot topic since the game launched at the beginning of June. One Diablo 4 Gold player created a unique piece of art that critiques the unpopular "pay-to-win" nature of the game's mobile version. The art was shared by the artist and Redditor, Blueberry_404. The art is a female Demon Hunter-one of the classes playable from Diablo 4. The art itself is incredibly accomplished, as it is a perfect representation of the Diablo-style and simultaneously making a profound point.

"Blueberry404's" Demon Hunter is not wielding the crossbows with dual hands that you see found in Diablo 4. Instead, she is holding an credit card as well as gold coin. The bottom of the art also states "Diablo Immoral,"-a clever play on Diablo 4's name, as well as a commentary on its business model, which is thought to be preposterous by many. The content of the article accompanying Blueberry_404's work claimed that"that the Demon Hunter was wielding "the most powerful weapon in Diablo 4."

However, not all Diablo 4 players agree with the same sentiment. Redditor recently shared an in-depth study of the effects that products and services that are available through microtransactions on progress in Diablo Diablo 4. A veteran of mobile games, Rwxwuxiaworld looked at how the amount of Diablo 4's microtransactions are able to strengthen characters, bypass obstacles, or speed up the process of leveling and gearing. It was discovered that with no means to buy directly items or levels, many of the obstacles that result in a pay-to-win game aren't in the game. The confusing grind wall and timegates are faced by both free-to-play as well as premium players. In contrast to being the most powerful weapon in Diablo 4. he posited that the microtransactions found in Diablo 4 were useless.

However, regardless of opinion the Diablo 4 microtransaction system is among the least liked aspects to date. Though the game is quite well-known, its microtransactions that are front and center have led to many people to view it a waste of time and a predatory mobile game. Some players have gone as far as to critique the game Diablo 4 on Metacritic, the Google Play Store, and other platforms.

The meme of Blueberry_404 was powerful, and provoked those who saw it to talk about the nature the microtransactions that are used in video games. Many gamers have become numb to the idea of microtransactions being a part of games due to they have become so prevalent. While Blizzard has received flack for its microtransactions in Hearthstone before, the interest Diablo 4 has drawn with its own has revived the conversation. Perhaps, the conversation and critiques surrounding a AAA title like buy Diablo 4 Gold will catch the eye of game developers who want to steer clear of these systems in the future-including Blizzard itself, with Warcraft Arclight Rumble, its in-development tower defense game for mobile devices.