Centrifugal Pump Product Introduction We have reliable raw material suppliers, independent product manufacturing industry chain, sophisticated testing equipment and advanced production technology to ensure that our Double Suction Centrifugal Pump is ahead of other brands. We integrate standardization into daily management, deepen standardization work on the basis of active exploration and summing up experience, and ensure effective results. Warm and high-quality after-sales service is also an important link for us to ensure that customers can solve problems timely and efficiently. According to the company's development needs, we design network scheme and establish network system. Double-suction centrifugal pumps are used for conveying clear water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water, and can be used for conveying muddy and sandy water or various corrosive liquids by changing the pump structure and material according to user requirements. Feature Our products have compact structure, beautiful appearance, good stability and easy installation; and have Smooth operation, optimized design of double-suction impeller to minimize axial force, and The Double Suction Centrifugal Pump have excellent hydraulic performance of the leaf shape, as well as precision casting, the inner surface of the pump casing and impeller surface is extremely smooth has significant anti-cavitation performance and high efficiency. What's more,聽We pay great attention to the details of our Double Suction Centrifugal Pump, the shaft seal of our products choose mechanical seal or packing seal. It can guarantee 8000 hours of operation without leakage, as well as the bearings to ensure smooth operation, low noise, and long service life. Application Our products are generally used to convey clean water without solid particles or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The pumps are extremely versatile and can be installed in high-rise water supply, building fire fighting, central air conditioning water circulation; circulating water in engineering systems; cooling water circulation; boiler water supply; industrial water supply and drainage; and irrigation functions. Technical Parameters In terms of GSS series, 107 models and 508 specifications are available to customers. Different impeller diameters, rotating speeds and many other performance conditions are optional (see the spectrum for details). Rotating speed: 990, 1480 and 2960 r/min. The pumps锛?with its flanges conforming to BS 4504, ISO 7005.1 DIN 2533. Inlet and outlet diameters are 150- 600mm, with its flanges press GB/T17241.6, PN1.0 (Nominal head 鈮?5m) and GB/T17241.6, PN1.6 (Nominal head 锛?5m) standard. Capacity Q: 68-6276m3/h Head H: 9-306m Temperature range: Maximum liquid temperature鈮?0鈩?(-120鈩? Ambient temperature typically 鈮?0鈩?/p> Standard testing pressure: 1.2* (shutoff head + inlet pressure) or 1.5* (working point head + inlet pressure) Permitted medium to be transported: clean water. Please contact us in case other liquids are used. Sealing water pipe component: No mounting is allowed when inlet pressure 鈮?0.03MPa.Centrifugal Pump website:http://www.gnspumps.com/centrifugal-pump/