This isn't what anyone expected Nate Hinton Jersey from heading into Year 2. The former second-round pick entered the offseason having given the a lot to smile about in regards to his potential at the level, returning to the field from an injury that cost him 11 games to deliver a 4-1 record that included seven touchdowns to three interceptions. Now nine games games into 2020 season, he's logged seven starts and his regre sion is on full tilt -- helping to torpedo the Broncos in their efforts to defeat the in Week 10 -- pushing Denver to a 3-6 record in the proce s.Lock threw a career-worst four interceptions on Sunday and had only one touchdown, ending in a 37-12 shellacking at Allegiant Stadium, pushing his marks this year to only seven TDs with 10 INTs and only seven regular season games remaining. On Josh Richardson Jersey the heels on the humiliating lo s, Vic Fangio isn't mincing words, outright admitting his displeasure with Lock's current arc."Obviously, it's very much of a concern," he told media, via . "With four interceptions -- you can't win turning the ball over that much."Fangio isn't placing all of the blame on his young quarterback, though. "We've got to do a good job of evaluating why we've thrown these interceptions, and Devonte Patterson Jersey what can we do to help him," said the Broncos head coach. "Everybody's fingerprints is on that performance -- coaches, players -- and we all have to take a good hard look at it, which we have been on a weekly basis, but we haven't found the right formula yet to be consistent on offense."Once the giveaways began racking up, the Broncos were forced to abandon a run they hadn't yet established anyway, leading to Lock being forced to try and shoot his way out of a grave he primarily dug for himself, to the tune of 47 pa s attempts. He completed just 23 of those throws and finished with a 37 Dallas Mavericks T-Shirts .3 pa ser rating on the day, numbers Fangio and the Broncos don't ever want to see from their franchise quarterback. It's the fourth consecutive game in which Lock has thrown more than 40 times, and he has eight interceptions through that four-game stretch.Still, the coaching staff sees the potential in Lock and despite their vocal concerns, they're not benching him. "We're committed to Drew and the more he can play, the better he'll be," Fangio said. "He's got to J.J. Barea Jersey fight through this like most young quarterbacks do at some point in their career and we're going to continue to play him."