Chatgpt is an innovation which revolutionary in nature. Many people are critical of it, some are supporting it.


The education system and the people connected to the education sector felt the threat more as educators are not ready to accept the sudden change.

The Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT was launched in November last year (2022).

This AI can elicit well-composed answers for any of your queries, and a broad spectrum of topics can be answered by it. Like writing code for you, planning meals, and answering your academic needs. It can solve the issue of maths, and it can law-relate-queries, medical science, and a business-wide range of questions are entertained by it.

After the launch, it gets an abundance of engagement and it's the talk of the town, with major personalities of politics and media discussing it. Visit diploma of nursing assignment help adelaide

Is ChatGPT accurate with their answers?

The answers given by ChatGPT are marvellous and even experts cannot find issues and are impressed by them. Plenty of surveys and experiments found that essays composed by Artificial intelligence are getting good marks in classes.

Artificial intelligence is not that smart it's not even able to tell that the answer it provided to you is accurate as it uses the huge database (limited to 2021) to compose an essay or solve the problems.

Some of the educators are not delighted by the innovation and wanted to stop it or ban it entirely in the premises of education, some groups of teachers are forward to the idea of such innovative artificial intelligence as it can be utilized to produce better learning opportunity.



Three perspectives regarding Artificial Intelligence


If we analyse the opinions of the universities we can easily put them into three categories.

The first category of those who want to ban it

The second category prevention wants to allow it although with moderation

The third category of educators and universities wants to accept the change and implement it in the college to enable students to understand technology and its threats.

Some universities and educational institutions want to block or ban All Artificial Intelligence in the institution. They introduced AI detectors that can identify if the work is done by Artificial intelligence however it's not a full proof plan as there are plenty of ways to conceal if the work is done by artificial intelligence. Pupils will waste their time doing such things.

The prevention method is where we can minimize the use or not allow ChatGpt in exams etc.

The exam should be in person as it requires plenty of effort to do so.

Both alternatives are not ideal as it's a new reality we have to accept. In the coming future not using artificial intelligence is not going to be desirable rather someone who can utilize these tools for betterment and growth.

We need more tech-forward educators who are ready to accept the change and want to incorporate these innovations in teaching to make a more tech savvy generation.