While Elden Ring Items is definitely an exceptional game, you will find inconsistencies. These are the worst bosses in Elden Ring. In this list, you will see optional bosses and main bosses alike.

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Ulcerated Tree Spirit

In various dungeons along with other areas, Ulcerated Tree Spirits lie underground. You will know something’s wrong once the ground shakes. This grotesque thing’s design is excellent, appearance-wise. It seems to strike fear into the player’s heart and overwhelm them. But the greatest flaw about a few of the Ulcerated Tree Spirits is when their boss arenas are actually small. This boss’s attacks should be dodged effectively and shields can’t shield you from them. But whenever you fight one of these simple things in a tiny arena, your dream gets very frustrating and downright annoying. This is also probably the most reused bosses, which makes it a real pain to battle them regularly.

Godskin Duo

Before encountering them in a late-game location, you'll have fought the Godskin bosses should you be an explorer. Those boss fights (where we simply face one of them at a time) are admittedly pretty great. The boss’s music is dramatic and delightful. It’s challenging to dodge their moves however it makes for a satisfying win whenever you overcome them. But in the aforementioned late-game area, you’re put to the exam against both a Godskin Apostle along with a Godskin Noble. And as with the previous entry, the scariest thing here may be the arena we fight them in. It’s cluttered and doesn’t permit you to freely dodge. It’s an irritating fight.

Fire Giant

The Fire Giant is extremely impressive when it comes to design and lore. And the arena in which you fight him is big, and you will freely move about. You must understand this is not a downright terrible fight. There’s fun available fighting him. Now allow me to explain the inconsistencies of the fight. Because of his massive size, the number and the area included in his attacks are huge. This means that you might take hits even though you dodged. Another thing is when he’s liable to glitch in certain parts of the heavy arena. Now, winning with no fight isn't fun, right? But sometimes the Fire Giant falls from relatively shallow heights while he wanders around too much and dies.

Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

Like other entries about this list, this optional boss is extremely interesting, lore-wise and design-wise. And the arena is nice, and it’s enjoyable to battle him whenever you study his moveset. The flaw with this particular fight may be the creature’s immense health pool and just how resistant to status effects he's. Brute force may be the only way to surpass him for any melee player. While it’s really fun fighting him in the beginning, noticing how hard it's to get his health down makes this fight boring halfway through.

Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Malenia is an extremely interesting character and several fans love her despite her condition and also the absurdity of the boss fight. This could’ve been one of the greatest fights hanging around. Her ruthlessness or how she's two health bars aren't the problems here.

Her attacks are graceful and fun to dodge, but the lightest attack does an insane quantity of damage. It’s really not cool when she will kill you with two light attacks or her most effective attack. And her special attack (Waterfowl Dance) is nigh impossible to dodge, however, it really suits her character. If the Waterfowl Dance had only toned down on its combos (and increased the harm, if required), it would’ve been wonderful.

The worst thing, for me, concerning the fight is when she regains health each and every time she lands popular on you. That makes it counterproductive to utilize a shield to protect against her Waterfowl Dance. I for just one am really disappointed with this fight as this had the possibility to be one of the best fights in the history of FromSoftware games.

Sir Gideon Ofnir, The All-Knowing

The All-Knowing is really a great title for any character. And you’d expect fighting him could be terribly difficult but additionally delightful at the same time. But what we should get is really a fight that’s generic in lots of ways. There is no unique boss theme and the attacks are extremely easy to dodge. This is really a terribly easy boss fight and that’s why it’s bad.

FromSoft should’ve put more focus on this character making him an unforgettable boss. For example, a distinctive boss track and unique attacks would’ve been wonderful. Imagine if he used a panic attack that was only at another enemy, or used a very rare and unique spell. He may be the All-Knowing in the end. Hopefully, the next patch will buff him. This is definitely an instance of wasted potential.