Antique Mirror Panels Our History Fujian Zixuan Household Products Co., LTD., founded in 2011, is located in Fuzhou, the ancient capital of Banyan City in Haixi Economic Zone. It is located in the sugarcane industrial zone of Minhou, which is developed in handicraft industry. It has unique industrial chain and commercial and foreign trade advantages, with a workshop area of 4000 square meters. After nearly ten years of development and growth, the company has gradually become a collection of design, production, marketing, service as one of the integrated household enterprises. Products from the early single glass printing, iron furniture, wooden furniture, to the present iron, wood, rattan, bamboo, leather, cloth, ceramics, resin, glass crafts, iron furniture, iron and wood furniture and other rich and diverse products. To the present can be self-support and agent of all kinds of commodities and technology import and export. The main products are simple, retro, European, postmodern and other styles. Main products such as: European and American retro iron products; Retro decorative picture frames; Vintage home decor; Home furnishing, is one of the famous home furnishing enterprises in Fuzhou city. Now it has become one of the new suppliers in China's household goods production industry. Product Application Our products are arts and crafts, mainly used in bedroom, living room, kitchen, yard, outdoor, shopping mall, gift shop, coffee shop, flower shop, clothing store, bar and other places. Our Service Our company provides customers with "one-stop" service, while satisfying customers' pursuit of individuality. Our company has a strong design team and foreign trade business team, can ensure that the design meets the requirements and standards of customers in products, effectively highlight the "personalized" charm of customers' products. On the product design, production quality of our all-round service tracking, but also to the market product positioning to provide comprehensive services, whether from the product shopping guide or after-sales service, we will try our best to do meticulous and perfect, in order to effectively avoid customers to buy products worry, truly customer first.Antique Mirror Panels website: