The moment has come to make the most of your ethnic  jewelry pieces and let it speak for you as the warmer weather draws near and our outfits become more simple. You may find captivating designs to decorate and wear frequently this summer and in the future with our unique range of artificial jewellery sets

Newest collection from the House, Pearls des Céleste, is a colourful force of celestial visions. A celebration of artistic virtuosity, the collection is motivated by the richness and mystery of the abundance of our celestial world, capturing the elusive radiance of the moon and stars in handmade earrings, women's bracelets, pendant necklaces, and statement hoop earrings that are eloquently paired with a wardrobe that likes to summer.

A Gem that Can Do It All

Pearls des Céleste is a treasure trove of jewel-encrusted necessities that will get you through the summer. You may accessorise your favourite sunglasses with an optical chain that can also be worn as a necklace. The Pearls des Céleste Convertible Optical Chain is a classic favourite since it can be fastened to your mask for extra pzazz and wraps neatly around your wrist as arm candy.

The Personalised Necklace

The Pearls des Céleste Necklace reinterprets a hefty chain necklace, a contemporary trend that is here to stay, with heavenly undertones. The House has developed a trademark form that is made of chain links and decorated with baroque pearls and heavenly themes. For the upcoming warmer days, pair casually with a t-shirt or a tank top. The gold Choker is a stacking marvel and a study in multipurpose kundan jewellery. The carabiner, which can be unhooked to produce a single choker or a stack of wonders, is the choker's beating heart.

The Endless Hoops

Pieces from the Pearls des Céleste line may be worn on a variety of occasions. Whatever strikes your fancy—a beachside brunch, a Monday Meeting, or a weekend bash. Every day of the week has a different diamond, leaving just the always popular Hoops. Everyone can find one. A power suit or an oversized shirt look stunning when worn with the Pearls des Céleste Twisted Hoops, which are decorated with a brilliant pearl necklace set. The intricately handmade design of the Myriad Twisted Pearl Hoops, which include the House Monogram & freshwater pearls, makes them a seductively OTT accessory. The Myriad Mini Hoops are the ideal combination for those who are minimalists at heart and go with just about anything, including bikinis at the poolside and flowing summer dresses.

Attach a ring to it

A ring or two are necessary to complete any jewellery set. With its magnificent design that spans two fingers, the Pearls des Céleste Knuckle Ring is a statement piece of jewellery if there ever was one. Wear it with a pristine white shirt or a little chiffon dress to let it speak for itself. The Myriad Charm Ring is a modern practical jewel that can be worn alone or in a stack. It is created with a shining 22K gold finish and comes in a variety of fashions thanks to its detachable carabiner.

Freshwater baroque & keshi pearls with a rich 22kt gold finish that evoke an unearthly radiance are among the collection's complex & meaningful elements. Each item of traditional necklace sets is a representation of the cosmic realm and gives its user a divine and alluring intricacy.