Finding The Cause

Are you getting problem on Nepali-Language display in any linux distro? Do the Nepali language doesnot get displayed in proper way ? You can find some inproper character displayed in place of Nepali caracter?
If yes then, you are at right place. Today I'm discussing the same topic. This error is due a basic reason i.e the Nepali Language pack is not installed in your linux distro.


Now, I will guide you to the solution to this problem.

Step 1: Open Terminal

Step 2: Get Root access -> You can get root access ( being superuser ) by typing ' sudo su ' in terminal and enter the password for the current user. This will work if you do not have the separate root account.

Step 3: In the current terminal type ' apt-get update' and hit enter 

Now You can search for Nepali language pack.

Step 4: In the current terminal type 'apt-cache search Nepali' and hit enter

Then you can see the available language pack, 

Step 5: Type 'apt-get install language-pack-name' and hit enter ( Replace language-pack-name with the name of the displayed language pack you want to install)

Then wait for sometime, after all it will be installed and you can find your problem fixed.

Thank you! If any issue you got during this process then leave a comment. I'll see if I could help.


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