The entire shipping industry has relied on traditional wooden crates and lift vans from times and truly so because these wooden crates provide many benefits for instance, they can be used for years can also be used for the safe delivery of imported and exported items. But at the same time these wooden boxes have some or other disadvantages like they are composed of wooden planks. Untreated wood can be easily contaminated by pests, fungi or bacteria. In today’s time the international shipping industry is moving in another direction of using Corrugated Boxes in the place of Wooden Crates because these are an ideal alternative, featuring numerous inherent benefits.

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes:

  1. Easy Assembly:

The lift vans earlier used for shipping purposes needed a team to construct but thanks to the Corrugated Boxes now you no longer need a team to construct. Corrugated Crates can easily be assembled by one person so that your team can build more while saving time. The lighter material of the Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets makes it less likely to get injured during the building process.

  1. Easy Storage:

With the increased use of Corrugated Crates the Storage has become easier because traditional wooden shipping crates were taking more space. And less remaining space during transportation means less product sold. Fortunately the corrugated boxes are here which occupies a less space because five corrugated crates occupy the same space as one lift van. Five times the product transported acquire you savings.

  1. Fully Recyclable:

The disposing of used wooden shipping crates is a cumbersome task because it takes time, effort and money. But the good thing about the corrugated boxes is that these are 100 percent recyclable which extends their life cycle as compared to the wooden shipping crates. Moreover, a more environmentally-conscious product (Corrugated Crate) is imperative in maintaining a sustainable ecosystem and work environment.

  1. Lighter and More Durable:

Corrugated boxes are Light in Weight and have a longer life comparatively whereas wooden shipping crates are heavy, cumbersome and can easily be damaged. On the other hand corrugated crates are half the weight yet just as strong due to their innovative fabrication material. And you know what a lighter and more durable product will protect your shipment as well as will save you money on material and freight costs. Meanwhile, the wood will become increasingly expensive with the stringent international regulations.

  1. Customizable Graphics:

An option of Customizable Graphics is also available if you use Corrugated Boxes instead of Wooden Crates or Lift Vans because you can enjoy better printing and graphics capabilities that helps in making your product stand out during the shipping process and also strengthens the reach of your brand. Adding your logo, symbol or other promotional material improves your marketing efforts and helps to promote your brand wherever the box goes.


Don’t Get Delayed:

Today International shipping and importation regulations are becoming stricter. So you don't just get stuck in customs or worry about potentially delayed shipments because of the wood restrictions. You can now totally avoid them altogether with Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet Crates from Corpacind, as it is the better alternative to the traditional wooden shipping crates.