The Good Max Scherzer Nationals Jersey , The Bad And The Ugly -- Choosing Shutters For Your New Siding Home Repair Articles | October 20, 2013

Should you install new shutters on your house when you're having new siding installed? Siding contractors weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of having shutters added to a home with new siding.


Shutters can look wonderful on houses from nearly any era, adding architectural interest and a touch of contrasting or complimentary color to your home's exterior, but not all homes areenhancedby them Yan Gomes Nationals Jersey , so it's best to get an understanding of what they are and which houses they'll look best on before investing in additional remodeling resources to add them to your new siding.


Shuttering Your House And Siding Properly


There are some houses that shouldn't have shutters at all because their windows simply aren't the right size or shape. Keep in mind that they should appear like they are functional elements that can actually be used to cover the windows and keep the elements out when necessary. In other words, one should be exactly half as wide as the window so that when you close them from both sides, the glass will be completely covered. They should also be mounted on your house with a space behind them so that they have the three dimensional appearance you want. To achieve this, have your siding contractors attach them with actual hinges rather than mounting them directly onto your home. For an even more authentic look Brian Dozier Nationals Jersey , add tie-backs on the outer edges.


There are a few situations when you simply shouldn't add shutters to your home, including when you have two or more windows right next to each other with little space in between or when a window is near a corner without enough room on the outside edge.


Which Homes Look Good With Shutters?


Siding contractors are an excellent source of information about whether your particular house would look better with shutters, but there are some basic guidelines for the most popular styles of homes that will give you a general idea of whether they will work on your style of house. Colonial and Tudor style houses look lovely with shutters, as do Cape Cod and lowland homes in the South Trea Turner Nationals Jersey , where functional plantation styles are often used. Ranch homes can also benefit from the installation of these popular window dressings whenever you have new siding installed.


Popular Shutter Styles


Louvered shutters are the most popular style on the market and are the most versatile. If you have functional models installed on your home, they can protect your home's windows during storms and help channel rainwater away from the glass. Louvers are well suited to colonial, Cape Cod and ranch style homes. Board and battens are a bit more rustic and look great on cabins, country Tudor homes and lowland homes. For a more elegant look Anthony Rendon Nationals Jersey , try paneled styles that have between two and four raised or recessed panels; these are a nice addition to French country and more formal colonials.


Alternative Architectural Details


Some homes just don't look right with shutters because they were never designed for them. Mid-century modern houses and Craftsman bungalows are two examples of houses that look better with other forms of trim. For instance, if you have fiber cement siding on your home, consider some of the bulkier trims available for the windowsills, headers and sides. These can be a wonderful way to add contrast and dramatic detail as well as a third color to accent the windows. In most cases Sean Doolittle FlexBase Jersey , siding contractors can install these kinds of trims immediately after installing your vinyl or fiber cement siding. If you're interested in additional details for your home's windows, talk to your siding contractors before they begin installation and they can help you choose the perfect style and color for your trim.

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>Get Your Business to the Top by Hiring a Bookkeeper or Accountant

Posted by buylan on April 1st, 2015


Most business owners have an approach that goes like this: do everything yourself and never pay for something that you yourself can do. With such an attitude, it is simply difficult to justify hiring professional assistance such as an accountant or even just a bookkeeper.


They just buy user-friendly Scottsdale Quickbooks and set out to personally do the accounting and bookkeeping services that their companies need. However Max Scherzer FlexBase Jersey , since they’re not really professionally trained to do this job, they keep wondering if they are really doing it right.


Oftentimes, those who hire professional help find out that they weren’t doing it right at all, even if they originally thought they were.


You Need Professional Help


If you are a business owner with no knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping Yan Gomes FlexBase Jersey , you really need professional help. Perhaps you think that since an accountant is also a bookkeeper, you can economize by just hiring an accountant.


But you may not realize that this situation is similar to hiring an architect and a carpenter. You need both to build your house. Thus, you need an accountant to help you see and organize the big financial picture, and a bookkeeper such as a Mesa bookkeeping services which can concentrate on the small elements that comprise the big picture.


When to Hire a Bookkeeper


A bookkeeper can help you track down all your expenses especially during the early stages of your business. Most experienced business owners hire a bookkeeper for the first six to nine months of their business startups.


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