Guide to Buying a Best Kitchen Worktops for Your Own Kitchen

On this blog, we just share with you some points which very important role play when customers buy a Kitchen Worktops. So let's begin… When a customer buying the new natural stone kitchen worktops so it is should be work lifetime. Because this’s a big selection as a customer point of view for kitchen worktops in the UK. So if you’re in trouble about this topic that’s recognizable. But in this blog, all this process is very forthright. But if you know the all point which very important when the customer buys any online kitchen worktops so, you getting the best kitchen looks you have dreamed quickly, painless and affordable.


So, what kind of point will involve on this point when buying the kitchen worktops, we’ve discussed and insert together in a short paragraph. So, you’ll find:

  • What need from you, the information provided in order for an accurate quote
  • Some Key of differences between granite kitchen worktops and quartz kitchen worktops.
  • The guarantees what we offer.
  • Pre-purchase preparation.
  • How can prepare your kitchen look and design?
  • Needs to know when measuring and fitting process.


You’re most welcome buy kitchen worktops Uk on Astrum Granite at any time. But we have seen most of the customers like the new and latest design and color in granite worktops and quartz worktops. So you’ve to complete this process. Now you must be thinking about the process so, you’d like a quote on your new kitchen worktops. Because it’s helpful if you complete this process beforehand.

Pick your shading

To enable you to choose which stone will work best for your kitchen, it's critical that you have an unmistakable thought of the shading you'd like. We stock a substantial determination of stone and quartz, all of which arrive in an amazing assortment of excellent hues. So before coming in, have a think, and choose which shading you'd like, as well as which tone of that shading. Additionally, think about the example. Do you need a uniform worktop with a similar example all through, or something more regular?


Demonstrate to us a few swatches

When you visit the showroom it's an extraordinary plan to bring swatches of the shading that you've utilized (or plan to use) for your kitchen floor, dividers and cupboards. Having the capacity to see the hues alongside your potential stone truly helps when selecting the ideal item for your kitchen.

Bring a thought of your financial plan

It's critical that you come in with a thought of your most extreme spending plan, despite the fact that, in our experience, numerous individuals have a tendency to choose to spend somewhat more once they've seen a portion of the astonishing stone accessible for their kitchen worktops! To give you a thought of what's in store, another stone worktop, including estimating and fitting, will begin as low as £2,000, and could go as high as you can imagine!


Ensure you have estimations

Keeping in mind the end goal to give you the most precise statement conceivable, we have to know the territory estimations of where you'll be accommodating your kitchen units. In case you're purchasing another kitchen, you ought to have plans from the organization you're purchasing from — these eventual perfect.

What Sort of Sink Will You Have?

It may sound surprising, however knowing which sort of sink you need is vital at this stage. Your decision of under-mount or overmount could highly affect the worktop and kitchen plan. On the off chance that you have an advanced duplicate of your sink data from your provider, it would be ideal if you bring that along when you come in.

Mastermind a Helpful Counsel

When you recognize what shading, example, and value extend you're searching for, come and see us for a casual talk. We'll utilize your data to demonstrate to you a choice of stone that compliments your kitchen (or future kitchen). Once you've picked your material, we'll give you a gauge on the cost. What's more, after that has concurred, it's an ideal opportunity to mastermind estimating, templating and fitting.


Need a kitchen from John Lewis, with worktops from us? Don't sweat it. A large number of our customers have just purchased their kitchen bodies from another provider, and ponder whether we can accommodate our stone worktops to finish everything. The appropriate response is yes! We highly esteem our expertise and capacity to accommodate your exceptional stone worktop onto any pre-assembled kitchen body. Our notoriety for world-class workmanship is outstanding. Investigate our Google audits to discover more. Inside the estimating, templating and fitting procedure Our experts have an abundance of customary learning, attitudes, and procedures. They took in what they know from bosses of the exchange, and they pass their insight into our up and coming age of disciples. This empowers us to go up against more mind-boggling, requesting ventures and accomplish results that most other stone providers can't consider. What we're getting at here, is that you can expect a smooth procedure and flawless outcomes.

  • This is what you can expect amid the procedure, including what will happen when, and what we require from you.
  • Stage one: estimating and templating
  • Basically, our work on your kitchen occurs in two phases. The first is the estimating and templating stage.

After your kitchen corpses have been introduced, we come in to take correct estimations and make formats for your new kitchen worktops. This is presumably the more essential of the two phases, as hitting the nail on the head will help guarantee that the fitting goes off without a glitch. Therefore, we solicit that somebody with learning from the task is available amid the estimating and templating. That way we can make any inquiries we may need to, and keep away from any shocks later on.


It'll take around two hours, by and large. Stage two: fitting Here's the place we really fit your fresh out of the box new granite worktops and change your kitchen. By and large, your fitting happens 10 days after the estimating and templating. Remember that we can't manage pipes or electrics, so please ensure that any pipes or electric work that should be done before fitting is done — else it could hold up the procedure. Our neighborly, proficient fitters will, for the most part, take around 4 hours to wrap up. So in only a morning's work, your kitchen is totally changed!

Readiness agenda

  • All units and furniture settled in their proposed put.
  • Taps, hobs, sinks and white merchandise should be set up as well.
  • Have the sink layouts to hand.
  • Fix any under-mounted soaks in their help supports, with the highest point of the sink flush with the highest point of the corpse.
  • Any current worktops that are being supplanted are expelled.
  • All pipework boxing finished.
  • Item and workmanship ensures

We're certain that you'll be more than content with our workmanship and the nature of materials utilized. Simply investigate audits from our cheerful clients. To back this up, our materials are secured by guarantees and assurances, contingent upon what you pick. Simply get some information about what you can get when you come in and see us.

What next?

Since we do all aspects of the activity ourselves — not at all like the enormous chains on the high-road — our clients can make sure of hard work and an abnormal state of ability over all aspects of the procedure. What's more, in spite of the way that we're an independent company, our costs are exceptionally aggressive. Ideally, you presently know the response to any inquiries you may have had about the way toward purchasing a lovely new stone worktop. In the event that you would like to know more, don't delay to connect.

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