Nokia's market position is steadily declining.

Finance Week reported that the State in July of this year Derwin James Kids Jersey , Nokia announced its second-quarter operating earnings, net profit of 227 million euros, with the same period in 2009, compared to 380 million euros net profit, down 40%. In market share, according to IT research firm Gartner data statistical report, Nokia Symbian Smartphone market share, has been dominant from 2006 to 73% Joey Bosa Kids Jersey , down to the present 34% average annual rate of 10%.

Nokia is the leading source of the decline of Apple. While Apple's iPhone, which accounted for just less than 15% of the smart phone market share, but the wave of mobile innovation iPhone wave Querang Nokia has been hit hard.

Analysis of Apple's success is usually the reasons that Apple will first recognize the strategic importance of mobile Internet and mobile phone application role; while Nokia's failure, then of course be attributed to its strategy of short-sighted.

May be the opposite. Nokia is almost the earliest attention to Internet applications, mobile phone manufacturers, and even earlier than Apple.

By the end of 2006, I went to the headquarters of Nokia in Helsinki, Finland Melvin Gordon III Kids Jersey , visited the interview. Nokia has clearly put forward at that time, Nokia will be a mobile Internet company, and has been the concept of network applications.

At this point take up the mobile Internet strategy Nokia multimedia division sector (that is, smart phone sector). The head of Anssi Vanjok I still remember the words: "The current global mobile phone penetration rate has exceeded personal computers, cell phones, many people experience the Internet has become the first terminal, the future of mobile computing devices will be the mainstream mobile phones, rather than traditional computer. "- now appears that these are forward-looking concepts.

Although the strategy does not fall behind Philip Rivers Kids Jersey , but Nokia is the mobile phone screen sizes, the phone control mode seems to obscure the issue of tactical mistakes, these mistakes led directly to the Nokia has yet to go on the right track.

For Nokia Mobile Pocket PC was the positioning of Anssi Vanjok I have a question, phone transfiguration computing terminal screen size is always facing a problem then as the largest mobile phone screen size is about 2 inches in many computer applications can not be at the level of the screen the start to use.

Anssi Vanjoki answer is that this problem in a mobile environment is not a problem, but in such a fixed office or home environment can be made up by external monitors.

But on this issue, Apple is clearly thinking from another angle - iPhone direct to smart phones to expand the screen size from two inches to 3.5 inches.

Do not overlook the 1.5-inch change. It is this area of change has brought a qualitative change. In the mobile office, the 3.5-inch screen is difficult to let the original show on the phone the office documents are well presented; in entertainment, the larger screen size also made directly transformed into a mobile phone video playback devices.

iPhone is not an isolated solution to the screen size problem - using the capacitive touch screen to enlarge the screen size of its prerequisites.

Traditional phone by the keyboard LaDainian Tomlinson Kids Jersey , taking up considerable space phone. The resistive touch screen capacitive touch screen can not be done as a finger can only operate in the mobile environment is very inconvenient.

Unfortunately, these two tactics, Nokia 2008, released from the first touch-screen phone 5800, a full 2 years realized with a key, during which, the Nokia N97 and N800 series of releases is to use resistive touch screen .

By now, Nokia has lost its own mobile operating system Navy Blue Easton Stick Jersey , development of a mature time window, only working with Intel to jointly develop Meego operating system, and commercialization of products I am afraid to be published end of 2010. In contrast, as the mobile phone operating system, newcomers Google, has firmly grasped the core elements of a new generation of mobile phone operating system, on the big screen and touch screen support manual is in place. Google has now overtaken Nokia as the largest mobile phone operating system, Apple's competitors.

Nokia is not the case with Apple's lessons Navy Blue Drue Tranquill Jersey , many enterprises in the development process often focus on strategic issues. But the tactical issues closely related to consumers, due to appear pediatrics has not given due attention.

Not long ago, the industry has a controversial report on Tencent, the article reports that many

Internet Tencent practitioners denounced "only know how to copy it, and I do not know innovation."
But the other side of the coin is, Tencent CEO Pony Ma is an extremely concerned about the tactical details of the products of people. Tencent may be strategically later, while in product tactics, Mr. Ma worked at the helm of Tencent Navy Blue Nasir Adderley Jersey , has always been a pioneer.

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