Here’s how the drop cloth curtains look in our basement. Pretty, right? You’d never know how easy these DIY curtains are just by looking at them. And despite being super simple, these are guaranteed to warm up any space in your home. Plus they’re very affordable, which is perfect for those of us working in a budget. Here’s what you need:

  Drop Cloth Curtain Supplies:

  canvas drop cloths–I get mine from Home Depot, you can see the exact ones I use here, and they measure about 6×9 feet.

  Step 1: Get the wrinkles out! The first and hardest step in this entire process is getting the stubborn wrinkles out of the drop cloths. You’ll notice when you take them out of the package that they look like a hot mess. Creases and wrinkles everrrryyywhere.

  I always start by throwing mine in the washing machine for a quick cycle, followed by a spin in the dryer. When they come out they’ll still be wrinkled, but the giant creases are gone. Next I grab my iron, turn on a good movie, and get to work smoothing these babies out. This is by far the worst part of the entire process, especially if you hate ironing like I do. You could always skip this step if you don’t mind the wrinkled look, but that’s totally your call.

  Step 2: Hang them up! Once you have the drop cloths smooth and wrinkle free, you are ready to hang them up! This is when you’ll want to grab those drapery clips–go ahead and put them on your curtain rod so they’re all ready to go.

  Now there are two ways you can hang the drop cloths: 1) with the top folded over 2) hanging straight. Both look great, so this is totally up to you. I prefer to do the fold over top because it allows me to customize exactly how long I want the curtains to be, plus I just love the way they look this way. Also keep in mind that you can trim the drop cloths to work for a smaller window. For example, if you’re trying to put these on a small window in your kitchen, you could just trim them to the size you need then fold over the cut edge with a bit of fabric glue to make a finished seam.

  For this look simply fold over the top half of the drop cloth until you’ve reached the desired length you want. I usually fold mine over at least 12 to 18 inches, but it’s your call based on how long you need the curtain to be and how much of the “ruffle” you want. Once you have the top folded over to the length you want, go ahead and start clipping the curtain to the drapery rings.

  I suggest doing the sides of the curtain first. I always start with one side, get it the height I want, then bring the other side over and match the length up so they’re nice and even even. Once that is done just start clipping the rest of the curtain in place, spacing the drapery clips even distances apart. It usually takes me a bit of adjusting here and there to get them just right.

  Boom. Two steps and you’re done. I wasn’t kidding guys–on the DIY difficulty scale these are a level one.

  That’s it! Drop cloth curtains are so simple. No sewing, no hassle. I love these so much and I will probably use them in our home forever. If you’ve never tried drop cloth curtains, I’d definitely suggest giving them a go. You just can’t go wrong at $11 a panel! And since they are canvas I actually think they’re a bit heavier than your typical curtain. They’re certainly not black-out curtains, but they still do a great job when it comes to keeping light out. They are AWESOME.

  Well I hope this step by step drop cloth curtain tutorial was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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