Manufacturers of plastic label paper point out that the adhesion of the top and bottom edges occurs on a slit roll of the entire roll of self-adhesive label paper material, and it usually only occurs at the outer layer of 7 to 10 meters. Adhesion to the edge of the cut-off sticker paper material, do not immediately assert that the entire roll of paper has this problem. Self-adhesive label paper manufacturers point out that the peeling of light-weight tissue paper (such as 60g / m2 and 80g / m2) requires more force than the heavy-weight tissue paper. The lighter the tissue paper, the tighter the feel when peeling . Because of this, sometimes the self-adhesive label paper material selected by the customer in the shape required by the customer cannot be completed at the normal printing speed.

Self-adhesive label paper manufacturers point out that bar code technology plastic labels currently use more bar code varieties, anti-counterfeiting bar codes mainly have two-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code. Sunwind barcode technology can not only promote better and faster application, but also achieve the purpose of not pretending to be impersonal and protecting consumer interests. Self-adhesive label paper manufacturers point out that fragile paper labels use special fragile paper or fragile adhesive materials, which can be printed with trademarks, text clarifications and barcodes, and cannot be lifted completely after being pasted on the packaging. Lift it up and the paper shatters. Letter-type anti-counterfeit polyester film labels, before being lifted, are aluminum foil without words. After being lifted, there are obvious colored handwriting on the label paper and packaging materials.