What have we look at when we want to buy a PP clamp? This kind of PP clamp are used by amateur user and by professionals as well for light works. They are not as heavy as steel jaws clamps. Therefore they are not as powerful, but they have a great advantage: you can use them easily just with one hand.

Let’s go to review the most important points you have to test in this kind of PP clamp. As others PP clamp you have to check the opening and depth according with your needs. At the same time you have to test the ergonomics and usability. But the PP clamp have specific features to check.

1. Advance and Brake

Every model has two sets of plates; one set or plates focus in the advance and the other in the brake to keep the pressure force. The more plates it has, the better it works. A high quality quick clamp use to have three plates in the advance set and other three in the brake.

2. Strong Bar

The bar must be made of tempered steel. The brake plates must not hurt the bar during the clamping work. If the bar is marked by the plates the life of the clamp will be short.

3. Protection Pads

The pad are made of plastic. The goal of the pads must be to keep the clamped material fixed and protected at the same time. Therefore these pads must to be…

The bigger size the better grip .
No slip
In order to encrease the grip the surface of the pad must to have an anti-slip texture.
This pads are removable, so if they are not fixed they could slip off, lose pressure and get lost.
Stain free
Some kind of low quality plastics under pressure leave oil stains in the material. Please, take care. This little details seems insignificant but it’s key in a professional tool and a professional work .

4. One click Release

There is a reason why these PP clamp are called PP clamp. The quick release trigger is one of the features that makes this clamps so attractive:

Must release the whole pressure immediately and without effort
Accessible in the same handle where we control de pressure.
If you keep it pushed, it must let the mobile jaw freely along the bar.
In this way, it is easier to use the PP clamp just with one hand.

5. Easy Reversible

Lot of user don’t know this feature. The fixed jaw of the PP clamp can change the position to the other extreme of the bar, so it turns from clamping to expanding. This reversible feature, as the other ones we have seen before, must be as quick and easy as possible.